ERCIM Working Group SESAMI

Smart Environments and Systems for Ambient Intelligence


ICS-FORTH Ambient Intelligence Programme
URL: http://www.ics.forth.gr/ami


Fraunhofer-IPSI, AMBIENTE Division
URL: http://www.ipsi.fraunhofer.de/ambiente


The Disappearing Computer (DC) Initiative
URL: http://www.disappearing-computer.net/


Two examples of DC-projects are "2WEAR" and "Ambient Agoras" that were coordinated by the two organizations (ICS-FORTH, Fraunhofer-IPSI) that are now also leading the SESAMI Working Group.


The "2WEAR" Project
URL: http://2wear.ics.forth.gr


The "Ambient Agoras" Project
URL: http://www.ambient-agoras.org/


HCI International 2007
URL: http://www.hcii2007.org/


IST Advisory Group Report on "Scenarios for ambient intelligence in 2010"
Electronically available at: ftp://ftp.cordis.lu/pub/ist/docs/istagscenarios2010.pdf



Last update: October 1st, 2007