ERCIM Working Group SESAMI

Smart Environments and Systems for Ambient Intelligence

Two special sessions on Smart Environment and Systems for Ambient Intelligence at the HCI International 2007 Conference 22–27 July 2007, Beijing, China



Smart Environments and Ambient Intelligence (I): Interaction Design and Evaluation
Chair: Norbert Streitz
  • Informative Art Display Metaphors
       Alois Ferscha, University of Linz, Austria.
  • Engineering Social Awareness in Work Environments
       Dhaval Vyas, Twente University, Netherlands;
       Marek Van de Watering, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands;
       Anton Eliens, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands;
       Gerrit Van der Veer, Open Universiteit Nederland, Netherlands.
  • Learning Situation Models for Providing Context-Aware Services
       Oliver Brdiczka, INRIA Rhones Alpes, France;
       James Crowley, INRIA Rhone Alpes, France;
       Patrick Reignier, INRIA Rhones Alpes, France.
  • Learning Topologies of Situated Public Displays by Observing Implicit User Interactions
       Hans Jorg Muller, University of Munster, Germany;
       Antonio Kruger, University of Munster, Germany.
  • Nonverbally Smart User Interfaces: Postural and Facial Expression Data in Human-Computer Interaction
       Gisela Susanne Bahr, Florida Institute of Technology, United States;
       Carey Balaban, University of Pittsburgh, United States;
       Mariofanna Milanova, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, United States;
       Howard Choe, Raytheon - Network Centric Systems, United States.
  • Ambient Intelligence and Multimodality
       Laura Burzagli, National Research Council, Italy;
       Pier Luigi Emiliani, National Research Council, Italy;
       Francesco Gabbanini, National Research Council, Italy.
  • Creating Smart and Accessible Ubiquitous Knowledge Environments
       Ray Adams, Middlesex University, United Kingdom;
       Andrina Granic, University of Split, Croatia.



Smart Environments and Ambient Intelligence (II): Tools, Architectures and Infrastructures
Chair: Anthony Savidis
  • An Agent-based Framework for Context-Aware Services
       Axel Burkle, Fraunhofer, Germany;
       Wilmuth Muller, Fraunhofer, Germany;
       Uwe Pfirrmann, Fraunhofer, Germany;
       Nikolaos Dimakis, Athens Information Technology, Greece;
       John Soldatos, Athens Information Technology, Greece;
       Lazaros Polymenakos, Athens Information Technology, Greece.
  • Coupling Interaction Resources and Technical Support
       Nicolas Barralon, Universite Joseph Fourier, France;
       Joelle Coutaz, Universite Joseph Fourier, France;
       Christophe Lachenal, Universite Joseph Fourier, France.
  • An MDE-SOA Approach to Support Plastic User Interfaces in Ambient Spaces
       Joelle Coutaz, Universite Joseph Fourier, France;
       Lionel Balme, Universite Joseph Fourier, France;
       Xavier Alvaro, Universite Joseph Fourier, France;
       Gaelle Calvary, Universite Joseph Fourier, France;
       Alexandre Demeure, Universite Joseph Fourier, France;
       Jean-Sebastien Sottet, Universite Joseph Fourier, France.
  • Whole-system Programming of Adaptive Ambient Intelligence
       Simon Dobson, UCD Dublin, Ireland;
       Paddy Nixon, UCD Dublin, Ireland.
  • Architectural Backpropagation Support for Managing Ambiguous Context in Smart Environments
       Davy Preuveneers, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium;
       Yolande Berbers, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.
  • A new Approach for Pedestrian Navigation for Mobility Impaired Users based on Multimodal Annotation of Geographical Data
       Thorsten Volkel, Mobile Communication and Service GmbH, Germany;
       Gerhard Weber, Technical University of Dresden, Germany.
  • Dynamic Conflict Detection and Resolution in a Human-Centered Ubiquitous Environment
       Haining Lee, Ajou University , Korea;
       Jaeil Park, Ajou University, Korea;
       Peom Park, Ajou University, Korea;
       Myungchul Jung, Ajou University, Korea;
       Dongmin Shin, Hanyang University, Korea.



Last update: October 1st, 2007