Speakers at the Symposium

"From the Fayum Portraits to Early Byzantine Icon Painting"

Vikelaia Municipal Library of Heraklion, May 1998






Dr. Morris L. Bierbrier

Assistant Keeper of Egyptian Antiquities, British Museum, UK

The problems of the portraits.


Dr. Manolis Borboudakis

Director of the 13th Ephoriate of Byzantine Antiquities of Crete, Greece

The Sinai icons [working title].


Dr. Barbara Borg

Archaeology Institute, University of Heidelberg, Germany

The faces of the elite - changes in Representational habits of the elite in 3rd c. Egypt.


Prof. Willy Clarysse

Prof. at the Department of Classical Studies, The Catholic University, Louvain, Belgium

A new undertaker's archive and the mummification business in late Ptolemaic Egypt.


Prof. Dr. Wiktor A. Daszewski

Prof. at the Archaeology Institute, University of Trier, Germany

The tombs, the mummies and the portraits in the light of the Marina el Alamein necropolis.


Euphrosyne Doxiadis

Painter - Author, Greece

Mosaics: a key to the understanding of the technique in the Fayum portraits


Ms. Joyce M. Filer

Special Assistant for Human and Animal Remains, Department of Egyptian Antiquities, British Museum, UK

People, not just portraits: a study of Roman Egyptian mummies using CT scanning


Prof. Georgis Giatromanolakis

Prof. At the School of Philosophy, University of Athens, Greece

Images of death in the ancient greek novel


Rev. Vassilios Gondikakis

Archimandrite, The Iviron Monastery, Mount Athos, Greece

From the ancient Greek "anthropiá" to the "theanthropîa" of the holy liturgy


Prof. C. Wilfred Griggs

Prof. At the Department of Ancient Scripture, Brigham Young University, Utah, USA

The Brigham Young University excavations at the Coptic cemetary at Seila, in the Fayum.


Dr. Marina Heilmeyer

Berlin Botanical Museum, Germany

Pharaohs' Flowers: the Schweinfurth Collection of the Berlin Botanical Museum and particularly the garlands and bouquets of the Fayum


Prof. Judith Herrin

Prof. At the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, King's College, London, UK

The private nature of icon veneration in the early Byzantine period


Dr. Paul Hetherington

Byzantinist and Author, UK

Panagiotis Doxaras and Dionysios of Fourna: heirs to a shared tradition


Demetra Kamaraki

Painter - Conservator at the Rotonda Church, 9th Ephoriate of Byzantine Antiquities, Thessaloniki, Greece

Painterly interpretation of early christian mosaics in monuments of Thessaloniki


Spiros Kardamakis

Painter, Greece

The technique of Byzantine icon painting - the testimony of a contemporary icon painter


Dr. Eutychia Kourkoutidou-Nikolaidou

Director of the Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki, Greece

The early christian painting of Thessaloniki


Prof. Dimitris Kyrtatas

Associate Prof. At the School of Philosophy, University of Crete, Greece

The Christians of Egypt and the Fayum portraits


Alecos Vl. Levidis

Painter, Greece

The morphological origins of the Fayum portraits


Prof. Thomas F. Mathews

Prof. At the Institute of Fine Art, New York University, USA

A corpus of late antique icons and their relevance to christian icons


Dr. Richard Neave

Artist in Medicine and Life Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing, University of Manchester, UK

Reconstructing faces from the Fayum: the stylistic link between portraits and icons


Dr. A.J.N.W. Prag

Keeper of Archaeology at the Manchester Museum, UK

Portrait, proportion and personality


Prof. Stelios Ramfos

Author and Prof. At the Panteion University of Athens, Greece

The immortal light in the grave: the faces and the roles in the portraits and the icons


Dr. Paul Roberts

Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum, UK

Petrie, Constable and British Philistines - Petrie's own impressions of the portraits of Hawara


Mr. Pavlos Samios

Painter, Greece

From the Painter's Point of View: The Encaustic Technique


Dr. Dorothy J. Thompson

Director of Studies in Classics, Girton College, Cambridge, UK

The family in Graeco-Roman Egypt


Dr. Maria Vassilaki

Academic associate of the Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece

St. Kollouthos: the cult and the art


Dr. Susan Walker

Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum, UK

The later painted mummy portraits: dress and date

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