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        ICS-FORTH Technical Reports

      1. Fortetsanakis, G., & Papadopouli, M. (2015). A Detailed Game-Theoretical Analysis of the WiFi Offloading in Wireless Markets. 2015.TR461_Game_Theoretical_Analysis_WiFi_Wireless_Markets.pdf.
      2. Katsarakis, M., & Theodosiadis, V.T, Papadopouli, M. (2014). On the Evaluation of a User-centric QoS-based recommendation tool for wireless access. 2014.TR445_QoE-based_Recommendation_Tool_Evaluation.pdf.
      3. Ploumidis, E., Pappas, N., Siris, V., & Traganitis, A.P. (2014). SHORT TERM WIRELESS CHANNEL STATE PREDICTION USING MARKOV MODELS AND SUPERVISED LEARNING. 2014.TR448_Wireless_Channel_State_Prediction.pdf.
      4. Traganitis, A.P., Pappas, N., & Ploumidis, M. (2013). Throughput-Optimal Flow Allocation on Multiple Disjoint Paths for Random Access Wireless Multi-hop Networks. 2013.TR432_Throughput-Optimal_Flow_Allocation_on_Multiple_Disjoint_Paths.pdf.
      5. Fortetsanakis, G., Katsoulakis, M., & Papadopouli, M. (2011). A game-theoretical modeling framework for spectrum markets and cognitive-radio devices. 2011.TR414_game-theoretical_modeling_cognitive-radio_devices.pdf.
      6. Fasoulakis, M. (2011). An Information - theoretic view of Game theory. 2011.TR421_Theoretic_View_Game_Theory.pdf.
      7. Bellet, K.R., Fortetsanakis, G., Papadopouli, M., & Katsoulakis, M. (2011). On multi-layer game-theoretical modelling of spectrum markets and cognitive radio networks. 2011.TR423_game-theoretical_modelling_spectrum_markets.pdf.
      8. Fortetsanakis, G., & Papadopouli, M. (2011). The develpment of a user-centric QoE-based geo-database for spectrum markets. 2011.TR422_User-centric_QoE_Spectrum_Markets.pdf.
      9. Fortetsanakis, G., Papadopouli, M., Karlsson, G., Dramitinos, M., & Yavuz, E. (2011). To subscribe, or not to subscribe: the analysis of new service paradigms in cellular markets. 2011.TR424_analysis_cellular_markets.pdf.
      10. Tsompanidis, I., Fortetsanakis, G., & Hirvonen, T, Papadopouli, M. (2010). Analysis of the perceived VoIP quality under various wireless network conditions. 2010.TR403_Perceived_VoIP_Wireless_Network_Conditions.pdf.
      11. Tsompanidis, I., Fortetsanakis, G., & Papadopouli, M. (2010). Measuring the perceived quality of VoIP under various wireless network conditions. 2010.TR401_Measuring_perceived_quality_VoIP.pdf.
      12. Ploumidis, M., Papadopouli, M., & Karagiannis, Th. (2006). Application-based Characterization of the Traffic of a Campus-wide Wireless Networks. 2006.TR386_Traffic_Campus-wide_Wireless_Network.pdf.
      13. Papadopouli, M., Moudatsos, M., & Karaliopoulos, M. (2006). Modeling the Roaming in Large-scale Wireless Networks using Real Measurements. 2006.TR369_Modeling_Roaming_Large-scale_Wireless.pdf.
      14. Karaliopoulos, M., Papadopouli, M., Raftopoulos, E., & Shen, H. (2006). On scalable measurement-driven modeling of traffic demand in large WLANs. 2006.TR383_WLAN_Scalable_Traffic_Modeling.pdf.
      15. Hernandez-Campos, F., Karaliopoulos, M., Papadopouli, M., & Shen, H. (2006). Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Campus WLAN traffic demand. 2006.TR379_Spatio-Temporal_Modeling-WLAN_traffic_demand.pdf.
      16. Hernandez-Campos, F., & Papadopouli, M. (2005). A Comparative Measurement Study of the Workload of Wireless Access Points in Campus Networks.. 2005.TR353_Workload_Wireless_Access_Points.pdf.
      17. Siris, V.A., & Stamatakis, G. (2005). A Dynamic CBWFQ Scheme for Service Differentiation in WLANs. 2005.TR351_Dynamic_CBWFQ_Scheme_Service_Differentiation_WLANs.pdf.
      18. Hernandez-Campos, F., & Papadopouli, M. (2005). Assessing the real impact of 802.11 WLANs: A large-scale comparison of wired and wireless traffic. 2005.TR356_Assessing_Real_Impact_802.11_WLANs.pdf.
      19. Papadopouli, M., Raftopoulos, E., & Shen, H. (2005). Evaluation of short-term traffic forecasting algorithms in wireless networks. 2005.TR363_Traffic_Forecasting_Algorithms_Wireless_Networks.pdf.
      20. Papadopouli, M., Shen, H., & Spanakis, E.G. (2005). Modeling client arrivals at access points in wireless campus-wide networks. 2005.TR357_Modeling_clients_arrivals_wireless_campus-wide_networks.pdf.
      21. Melissaris, Ch.D. (2005). Monitoring and Measurement of GSM Mobile Telephony Signals. 2005.TR360_Monitoring_GSM_Mobile_Telephony_Signals.pdf.
      22. Siris, V.A., & Courcoubetis, C. (2005). Resource Control for the Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA) Mechanism in IEEE 802.11e. 2005.TR352_Resource_Control_Distributed_Channel_Access.pdf.
      23. Papadopouli, M., Shen, H., Raftopoulos, E., Ploumidis, M., & Hernandez-Campos, F. (2005). Short-term traffic forecasting in a campus-wide wireless network. 2005.TR354_Short-term_Traffic_Forecasting.pdf.
      24. Hernandez-Campos, F., Shen, H., & Papadopouli, M. (2005). Spatio-Temporal Modeling of a Campus WLAN. 2005.TR359_Spatio-Temporal_Modeling_Campus_WLAN.pdf.
      25. Siris, V.A., & Kavouridou, M. (2003). Achieving Service Differentiation and High Utilization in IEEE 802.11. 2003.TR322_Achieving_Service_Differentiation_IEEE802.11.pdf.
      26. Siris, V.A., & Triantafyllidou, D. (2003). Seamless Congestion Control over wired and wireless IEEE 802.11 Networks. 2003.TR327_Seamless_Congestion_Control_Wireless_Networks.pdf.
      27. Siris, V.A. (2001). Congestion Pricing for Resource Control in Wideband CDMA. 2001.TR299.Congestion_Pricing_Wideband_CDMA.ps.gz.
      28. Siris, V.A., & Courcoubetis, C. (2001). Interaction of Congestion Control and Packet Marking Algorithms in ECN Networ ks. 2001.TR296.Interaction_Congestion_Control_ECN_Networks.ps.gz.
      29. Siris, V.A., Courcoubetis, C., & Margetis, G. (2001). Service Differentiation in ECN Networks using Weighted Window-Based Congestion Control for various Packet Marking Algorithms. 2001.TR295.Service_Differentiation_ECN_Networks.ps.gz.
      30. Courcoubetis, C., & Siris, V.A. (2000). A web-based tool for advanced statistical analysis of network traffic measurements. 2000.TR283.advanced_statistical_analysis_network_traffic_ measurements.ps.gz.
      31. Courcoubetis, C., Siris, V., & Stamoulis, G.D. (2000). Application of the many sources asymptotic and effective bandwidths to traffic engineering. 2000.TR281.Application_asymptotic_effective_bandwidths_traffic_engineering.ps.gz.
      32. Stamoulis, G.D., Kalopsikakis, D., Kyrikoglou, A., & Courcoubetis, C. (2000). Efficient Agent-Based Negotiation for Telecommunications Services. 2000.TR285.Agent-Based_Negotiation_Telecommunications_Services.ps.gz.
      33. Courcoubetis, C., & Siris, V.A. (2000). Managing and pricing service level agreements for differentiated services. 2000.TR282.Service_level_agreement_traffic_contract_differentiated_ services.ps.gz.
      34. Chatzaki, M., Sartzetakis, S., Papadakis, N., & Courcoubetis, C. (2000). Resource Allocation in Multiservice MPLS. 2000.TR280.Resource_Allocation_in_Multiservice_MPLS.ps.gz.
      35. Courcoubetis, C., Siris, V.A., & Stamoulis, G.D. (2000). Simple tariffs based on price multipliers for ATM VBR services. 2000.TR286_price_multipliers.ps.gz.
      36. Courcoubetis, C., Dimakis, A., & Stamoulis, G.D. (2000). Traffic Equivalence and Substitution in a Multiplexer with Applications to Dynamic Call Admission Control. 2000.TR284.Traffic_Equivalence_Multiplexer_Dynamic_Call_Admission_ Control.ps.gz.
      37. Courcoubetis, C., & Siris, V.A. (1999). Measurement and analysis of real network traffic. 1999.TR252_measurements.ps.gz.
      38. Siris, V.A., Songhurst, D.J., Stamoulis, G.D., & Mechthild, S. (1999). Usage-based charging using effective bandwidths:studies and reality. 1999.TR243.tariffs.ps.gz.
      39. Courcoubetis, C., Kelly, F., Siris, V.A., & Weber, R. (1998). A study of simple usage-based charging schemes for broadband networks. 1998.BC98.simple_charging.ps.gz.
      40. Siris, V.A. (1998). An Evaluation of Pricing Schemes that are based on Effective Usage. 1998.ICC98.evaluation_of_pricing_schemes.ps.gz.
      41. Courcoubetis, C., & Siris, V. (1998). An Evaluation of Pricing Schemes that are based on Effective Usage. 1998.TR214.evaluation_pricing_schemes.ps.gz.
      42. Courcoubetis, C., Stamoulis, G.D., Manolakis, C., & Kelly, F. (1998). An Intelligent Agent for Optimizing QoS for-Money in Priced ABR Connections. 1998.TR218.ABR_intelligent_agent.ps.gz.
      43. Georgiadis, L., Gikas, G., Chatzaki, M., & Sartzetakis, S. (1998). Cost-effective VPC network design. 1998.TR233_Cost_Effective_VPCDL.ps.gz.
      44. Chatzaki, M., Verdier, C., Knight, G., & Shi, R. (1998). QoS-based Routing Solutions for Hybrid SDH-ATM Network. 1998.TR232_QoS_Rout_ATM-SDH.ps.gz.
      45. Chatzaki, M., & Sartzetakis, S. (1998). QoS-Policy based Routing in Public Heterogeneous Broadband Networks. 1998.TR234_QoS_Policy_Arch.ps.gz.
      46. Chatzaki, M., Georgiadis, L., Gikas, G., & Sartzetakis, S. (1998). VPC Layer Design Quaranteeing High Availability in ATM Networks. 1998.TR235_VPCL_Dand_Tests.ps.gz.
      47. Courcoubetis, C., Kelly, F., Siris, V.A., & Weber, R. (1997). A study of simple usage-based charging schemes for broadband networks. 1997.TR193.simple_charging.ps.gz.
      48. Courcoubetis, C., Kelly, F., Siris, V.A., & Stamoulis, G.D. (1997). ABR Pricing Experiments in a Real Network. 1997.ICT97.abr_pricing_experiments.ps.gz.
      49. Courcoubetis, C., & Siris, V.A. (1997). An Approach to Pricing and Resource Sharing for Available Bit Rate (ABR) Services. 1997.TR212.effb_abr.ps.gz.
      50. Courcoubetis, C., Siris, V.A., & Stamoulis, G.D. (1997). Comparing Usage-based Pricing Schemes for Broadband Networks. 1997.iee97.comparing_pricing_schemes.ps.gz.
      51. Courcoubetis, C., Siris, V.A., & Weber, R. (1997). Investigation of Cell Scale and Burst Scale Effects on the Cell Loss Probability using Large Deviations. 1997.UKPEW97.random_phases.ps.gz.
      52. Ganas, L. (1997). New Caching ways in the World Wide Web. 1997.TR203.Caching_ways_in_www.ps.gz.
      53. Charmantzis, F.C. (1997). Topics on Charging and Performance Analysis of ATM Traffic. 1997.TR202.Topics_Charging_Performance_Analysis_ATM_Traffic.ps.gz.
      54. Courcoubetis, C., Siris, V.A., & Weber, R. (1996). Cell Scale and Burst Scale Effects: An Asymptotic Approach for Calculating Cell Loss Probability. 1996.TR181.random_phases.ps.gz.
      55. Courcoubetis, C., Siris, V.A., & Stamoulis, G.D. (1996). Integration of Pricing and Flow Control for Available Bit Rate Services in ATM Networks. 1996.Globecom96.abr_pricing.ps.gz.
      56. Georgatsos, P., & Griffin, D. (1995). A Management System for Load Balancing through Adaptive Routing. 1995.TR147.Brad_INFOCOM_load_balance.ps.gz.
      57. Griffin, D., & Georgatsos, P. (1995). A TMN system for VPC and routing management in ATM networks. 1995.TR145_TMNSystem_VPC_routing_manag_ATM_networks.ps.gz.
      58. Stathopoulos, C. (1995). Acquisition of the Shared Knowledge Required in Telecommunications Management Networks. 1995.TR153_Aquisition_sharedKnowledge_Telecom_Manag_Networks.ps.gz.
      59. Mourelatou, C., Griffin, D., Georgatsos, P., & Mykoniatis, G. (1995). ATM VPN services: Provisioning, Operational and Management aspects. 1995.TR148_ATM-VPN_services_Provisioning_Operational_Manag_Aspects.ps.gz.
      60. Stathopoulos, C., Griffin, D., & Sartzetakis, S. (1995). Handling the Distribution of Information in the TMN. 1995.TR146_Handling_Distr_Inf_in_the_TMN.ps.gz.
      61. Pavlou, G., & Griffin, D. (1995). Issues in the Integration of IN and TMN. 1995.TR149_Issues_Integration_IN_and_TMN.ps.gz.
      62. Georgatsos, P., & Griffin, D. (1995). Management Services for Performance Verification in Broadband Multi-Service Networks. 1995.TR151_ManagServices_Perform_Verif_Broadband_MultiService_Net.ps.gz.
      63. Sartzetakis, S., Stathopoulos, C., & Kalogeraki, V. (1995). Managing the TMN. 1995.TR150_Managing_the_TMN.ps.gz.
      64. Stathopoulos, C. (1995). Shared Management Knowledge and Location Transparency Support via the X.500 Directory in OSIMIS (Architecture, Installation, Configuration and Programmer"s Manual). 1995.TR152.SharedManag_Knowledge_LocTranspSupport_x500_in_OSIMIS.ps.gz.
      65. Fouskas, G. (1993). Experimental Evaluation of Call Acceptance Control methods in ATM Networks. 1993.TR87.Experimental_Evaluation_CAM_in_ATM.ps.Z.
      66. Courcoubetis, C., Fouskas, G., & Weber, R. (1993). On the Performance of an Effective Bandwidths Formula. 1993.TR97.Performance_of_Effective_Bandwidths_Formula.ps.Z.
      67. Tzounakis, P.N. (1992). Adding Dense Time Properties to Finite--State Machines: The Tool COSPAN. 1992.TR072.Dense_Time_Finite-State_Machines_COSPAN.ps.Z.
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      72. Courcoubetis, C., Walr, , J., &  (1991). Note on Effective Bandwidth of ATM Traffic. 1991.TR36.Note_Effective_Bandwidth.ps.Z.
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