"La cittá ideale"
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RECOVER is a co-operative research project funded by the European Commission that aims to develop a system for the semi-automatic extraction of three-dimensional (3D) models of scenes depicted in perspective paintings.
3D models of paintings constitute a new and exciting way for the general public to experience and appreciate fine art. The viewer can experience a feeling of immersion; paintings are no longer perceived as static artefacts from a long-gone past but as living, vibrant entities. With the aid of appropriate software, the viewer can literally dive into the painting, interacting with it and observing it from various viewpoints in impressive walk-throughs and inspiring fly-bys. This enables non-specialists to step into history and experience the scene in the space and time frame perceived by the artist. Ultimately, the viewing of paintings becomes a more appealing, exploratory endeavour, arousing the publicís interest in fine art and cultural heritage in general.
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