The Open NEE Configuration Model is an RDF/S vocabulary for describing a configuration supported by a Named Entity Extraction (NEE) service. It is based on the approach proposed in "Configuring Named Entity Extraction through Real-Time Exploitation of Linked Data" (WIMS'14) for configuring such services, and allows a NEE service to describe and publish as Linked Data its entity mining capabilities, but also to be dynamically configured.


Adopting an open and exchangeable configuration model offers many benefits including:

  • Exchangeability and Portability. Configurations can be exchanged by users/communities, e.g. for annotating different corpora of documents using the same configuration, i.e. the same categories, lists of entities, KBs, etc. In addition, the availability of a model like the one that we propose enables a NEE service to offer an API that accepts and uses such configurations, while the result of the annotation process can be in a standard format, allowing its further exploitation in several contexts.
  • Aggregation and Integration of multiple configurations. A common model allows someone to collect such configurations (provided by different NEE systems) and then, by querying them, to select those systems that satisfy the needs of the intended application.
  • Benchmarking. Common configurations would allow comparative evaluation of different NEE systems, e.g. with respect to efficiency, effectiveness of entity disambiguation, etc.
  • Extendability. The expression of the model as an RDF Schema allows someone to extend it by exploiting also other vocabularies.

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P. Fafalios, M. Baritakis and Y. Tzitzikas
Exploiting Linked Data for Open and Configurable Named Entity Extraction,
International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, Vol. 24, No. 02 (2015), World Scientific (ISSN: 1793-6349).
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