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            Ph.D. Theses

          1. Fafalios, P. (2016). Exploiting linked data in exploratory search. May 2016.
          2. Baryannis, G. (2014). A Novel Specification and Composition Language for Services.  (pdf).
          3. Zeginis, Ch. (2014). Cross-Layer Monitoring and Adaptation of Multi-Cloud Service-Based Applications. October 2014.
          4. Papadakos, P. (2013). Interactive Exploration of Multi-Dimensional Information Spaces with Preference Support.  (pdf).
          5. Patkos, Th. (2010). A Formal Theory for Reasoning About Action, Knowledge and Time.  (pdf).
          6. Kondylakis, H. (2010). Ontology Evolution in Data Integration.  (pdf).
          7. Bikakis, A. (2009). Defeasible Contextual Reasoning in Ambient Intelligence.  (pdf).
          8. Kritikos, K. (2008). QoS- Based Web Service Description and Discovery.  (pdf).
          9. Flouris, G. (2006). On Belief Change and Ontology Evoolution.  (pdf).
          10. Papadakis, N. (2004). Action Theories in Temporal Databases.  (pdf).
          11. Tzitzikas, I. (2002). Collaborative Ontology- based Infromation Indexing and Retrieval.  (pdf).
          12. Theodorakis, E. (2001). Contextualization: An Abstraction Mechanism for Information Modeling.  (pdf).
          13. Spanoudakis, G. (1994). Analogical Similarity of Objects: A Conceptual Modeling Approach. December 1994.
          14. Katalagarianos, P. (1994). Employing Genericity and Case- Based Reasoning to Effectively Reuse Code. June 1994.
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