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      1. Pratikaki, C.-D., & Doerr, M. (2020). Analysis of Scientific Questions in Archaeology. 2020.TR476.Analysis_of_Scientific_Questions_in_Archaeology.pdf.
      2. Gouidis, F., Patkos, Th., Flouris, G., & Plexousakis, D. (2017). The DRA* Algorithm. 2017.TR468_THE_DRA_ALGORITHM.pdf.
      3. Spyratos, N., & Sugibuchi, T. (2017). HiFun-A High Level Functional Query Language for Big Data Analytics. 2017.TR467_HiFu_Query_Language_Big_Data_Analytics.pdf.
      4. Patkos, Th., Bikakis, A., & Flouris, G. (2016). Rating Comments on the Social Web using a Multi-Aspect Evaluation Framework. 2016.TR463_Rating_Comments_Social_Web.pdf.
      5. Roussakis, I., Chrysakis, I., Stefanidis, K., Flouris, G., & Stavrakas, Y. (2015). A Flexible Framework for Understanding the Dynamics of Evolving RDF Datasets: Extended Version. 2015.TR456_Flexible_Framework_Evolving_RDF_Datasets.pdf.
      6. Flouris, G., Bikakis, A., Patkos, Th., & Plexousakis, D. (2013). Globally Interconnecting Persuasive Arguments: The Vision of the Persuasive Web. 2013.TR438_The_Vision_of_the_Persuasive_Web.pdf.
      7. Doerr, M., & Hiebel, G.H (2013). CRMgeo: Linking the CIDOC CRM to GeoSPARQL through a Spatiotemporal Refinement. 2013.TR435_CRMgeo_CIDOC_CRM_GeoSPARQL.pdf.
      8. Tzompanaki, K., & Doerr, M. (2012). Fundamental Categories and Relationships for Intuitive querying CIDOC-CRM based repositories. 2012.TR429_Intuitive_querying_CIDOC-CRM.pdf.
      9. Ostrowski, M., Flouris, G., Schaub, T., & Antoniou, G. (2011). Evolution of Ontologies using ASP. 2011.TR415_Evolution_Ontologies_ASP.pdf.
      10. Doerr, M., & Tzompanaki, K. (2011). A New Framework for Querying Semantic Networks. 2011.TR419_Querying_Semantic_Networks.pdf.
      11. Chrysakis, I., Chalkidis, C., & Plexousakis, D. (2010). A Detailed Evaluation of Threshold Algorithms for Answering Top-k queries in Peer-to-Peer Networks. 2010.TR407_Threshold_Algorithms_Top-k_queries.pdf.
      12. Baryannis, G., & Plexousakis, D. (2010). Automated Web Service Composition : State of the Art and Research Challenges. 2010.TR409_Automated_Web_Service_Composition.pdf.
      13. Flouris, G., Fundulaki, I., Michou, M., & Antoniou, G. (2010). Controlling Access to RDF Graphs. 2010.TR405_Controlling_Access_to_RDF_Graphs.pdf.
      14. Zeginis, Ch., & Plexousakis, D. (2010). Monitoring the QoS of Web Services using SLAs. 2010.TR404_Monitoring_QoS_Web_Services_using_SLAs.pdf.
      15. Theoharis, Y., Fundulaki, I., Karvounarakis, G., & Christophides, V. (2010). On Provenance of Queries on Linked Web Data. 2010.TR406_Provenance_Queries_Linked_Web_Data.pdf.
      16. Zeginis, Ch., & Plexousakis, D. (2010). Web Service Adaptation : State of the Art and Research Challenges. 2010.TR410_Web_Service_Adaptation.pdf.
      17. Papavassiliou, V., Flouris, G., Fundulaki, I., Kotzinos, D., & Christophides, V. (2009). Formalizing High-Level Change Detection for RDF/S KBs. 2009.TR398_Formalizing_High-Level_Change_Detection.pdf.
      18. Nanni, F., & Flouris, G. (2008). Issues Related to a Soft Transition of Existing Archives to a Preservation Environment. 2008.TR395_Soft_Transition_Existing_Archives_Preservation_Environment.pdf.
      19. Kondylakis, H., Doerr, M., & Plexousakis, D. (2006). Mapping Language for Information Integration. 2006.TR385_Mapping_Language_Information_Integration.pdf.
      20. Chrysakis, I., & Plexousakis, D. (2006). Semantic Query Routing and Distributed Top-k Query Processing in Peer-to-Peer Networks. 2006.TR387_Distributed_Top-K_Query_Processing_P2P_Networks.pdf.
      21. Flouris, G., & Plexousakis, D. (2005). Handling Ontology Change : Survey and Proposal for a Future Research Direction. 2005.TR362_Handling_Ontology_Change.pdf.
      22. Tzitzikas, Y. (2005). Updates and Revision in Faceted Taxonomies and CTCA Expressions. 2005.TR364_Faceted_Taxonomies_CTCA_Expressions.pdf.
      23. Flouris, G., Plexousakis, D., & Antoniou, G. (2004). AGM Postulates in Arbitrary Logics: Initial Results and Applications. 2004.TR336_AGM_Postulates_Arbitrary_Logics.pdf.
      24. Doerr, M. (2004). Semantic Interoperability : Theoretical Considerations. 2004.TR345_Semantic_Interoperability_Theoretical_Considerations.pdf.
      25. Flouris, G., Plexousakis, D., & Antoniou, G. (2003). Describing Knowledge Representation Schemes : A Formal Account. 2003.TR320.Knowledge_Representation_Schemes.pdf.
      26. Karvounarakis, G. (2002). A Declarative RDF Metadata Query Language for Community Web Portals. 2002.TR301.RDF_Metadata_Query_Language_Community_Web_Portals.pdf.gz.
      27. Tzitzikas, Y., Analyti, A., Spyratos, N., & Constantopoulos, P. (2002). An Algebra for Specifying Compound Terms in Faceted Taxonomies. 2002.TR314_Algebra_Faceted_Taxonomies.pdf.
      28. Magkanaraki, A., Karvounarakis, G., Ta, T.A., Christophides, V., & Plexousakis, D. (2002). Ontology Storage and Querying. 2002.TR308.Ontology_Storage_and_Querying.pdf.gz.
      29. Alexaki, S. (2002). Storage of RDF Metadata for Community Web Portals. 2002.TR300.RDF_Metadata_Community_Web_Portals.pdf.gz.
      30. Flouris, G. (2001). Belief Revision in Knowledge Bases. 2001.TR292.Belief_Revision_Knowledge_Bases.ps.gz.
      31. Flouris, G., & Plexousakis, D. (2001). Belief Revision using table transformation. 2001.TR290.Belief_Revision_table_transformation.ps.gz.
      32. Tzitzikas, Y., Spyratos, N., & Constantopoulos, P. (2001). Extended Faceted Ontologies for Web Portals. 2001.TR293.Extended_Ontologies_Web_Portals.ps.gz.
      33. Doerr, M. (2001). Mapping of the AMICO data dictionary to the CIDOC CRM. 2001.TR288.Mapping_AMICO_to_CRM.zip.
      34. Theodoridou, M., & Doerr, M. (2001). Mapping of the Encoded Archival Description DTD Element - Set to the CIDOC CRM. 2001.TR289_mapping_of_the_encoded.ps.gz.
      35. Karvasonis, I. (2001). Study of the heterogeneity in cultural databases and transformation of examples from CIMI to the CIDOC CRM. 2001.TR291.heterogeneity_cultural_dbases_CIMI_CIDOC.ps.gz.
      36. Fritzalas, E. (2000). MAISTOR: A Structural Documentation system for Buildings. 2000.TR267.Documentation_System_Buildings.pdf.gz.
      37. Messaritakis, G., Zaharioudakis, G., Lalis, S., & Houstis, C.E. (2000). Mapeditor: An Extensible Framework for the Dynamic Manipulation of Spatial Data Objects on the WWW. 2000.TR273.Mapeditor_Dynamic_Manipulation_Data_Objects_WWW.ps.gz.
      38. Doerr, M. (2000). Mapping of the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set to the CIDOC CRM. 2000.TR274.Dublin_Core_Metadata_CIDOC-CRM.ps.gz.
      39. Kouvaris, K. (2000). Methods and Tools for analysis and design of database transaction systems. 2000.TR277.Analysis_Design_Database_Transaction_Systems.pdf.gz.
      40. Karvounarakis, G., Christophides, V., & Plexousakis, D. (2000). Querying Semistructured (Meta) Data and Schemas on the Web: The case of RDF & RDFS. 2000.TR269.RDF.Querying.ps.gz.
      41. Tolle, K. (2000). Validating RDF Parser (VRP). Analyzing and Parsing RDF. 2000.TR270.RDF_Parser_Analyzing_Parsing_RDF.pdf.gz.
      42. Fundulaki, I. (1999). A Diagnostic support system for engineering applications. 1999.TR250.A_DIAGN_SUP_SYS_ENGIN_APPL.ps.gz.
      43. Chryssos, Th. (1999). A Semantic Browsing System for Knowledge Bases. 1999.TR254.A_Semantic_Browsing_Sys_for_KB.ps.gz.
      44. Theodorakis, M., Analyti, A., Constantopoulos, P., & Spyratos, N. (1999). Contextualization as an Abstraction Mechanism for Conceptual Modeling. 1999.TR255.Contextualization_Conceptual_Modeling.ps.gz.
      45. Toulis, S. (1999). Design and implementation of a document annotation system. 1999.TR253.Design_Implem_of_a_Doc_Annot_Sys.ps.gz.
      46. Sidiropoulos, A. (1999). Distributed Indexing and Searching Mechanisms. 1999.TR245.Distributed_Indexing_and_Searching_Mechanisms.pdf.gz.
      47. Doerr, M., & Bekiari, Ch. (1999). Documentation and Reasoning on Parts and Potential Wholes. 1999.TR260.Documentation_Reasoning_Parts_Potential_Wholes.ps.gz.
      48. Hatzistamatiou, A. (1999). EasyAgent: A Masif Compliant Environment for Mobile Java Objects. 1999.TR246.EasyAgent_Mobile_Java_Objects.pdf.gz.
      49. Doas, D. (1999). Economy and Consistency in Thesauri. 1999.TR262.Economy_Consistency_Thesauri.pdf.gz.
      50. Toliou, K. (1999). World Wide Web Gateway to the Semantic Index System. 1999.TR251.WWW_Gateway_to_the_SIS.ps.gz.
      51. Doerr, M., & Fundulaki, I. (1998). A proposal on extended interthesaurus links semantics. 1998.TR215.A_proposal_on_extended_interthesaurus_links_semantics.ps.gz.
      52. Theodorakis, M., Analyti, A., Constantopoulos, P., & Spyratos, N. (1998). A Theory of Contexts in Information Bases. 1998.TR216.Theory_of_Contexts.ps.gz.
      53. Velegrakis, Y. (1998). Declarative Specification of Z39.50 wrappers using Description Logic. 1998.TR225.Using_Description_Logic_Declarative_Specification_Z39.50_Wrappers.ps.gz.
      54. Analyti, A., Spyratos, N., & Constantopoulos, P. (1998). Deriving and Retrieving Contextual Categorical Information through Instance Inheritance. 1998.TR220.Retrieving_Information_through_Instance_Inheritance.ps.gz.
      55. Kementsietsidis, A. (1998). DTD Specific Parser Generator, DSPG. 1998.TR224.DTD_Specific_Parser_Generator_DSPG.ps.gz.
      56. Yiortsou, A. (1998). Introducing Temporal Dimension in the Semantic Index System. 1998.TR231.Introd_Temporal_Dimen_in_the_SIS.ps.gz.
      57. Trapsioti, A.C. (1998). SGML Document Management in Knowledge Bases. 1998.TR223.SGML_Doc_Manag_in_Knowledge_Bases.ps.gz.
      58. Kiprioti, M. (1997). Analogical Guidance of Analysis and Specification Process. 1997.TR184.Analogical_Guidance_Analysis_Specification_Process.ps.gz.
      59. Schutte, F. (1997). Correlating Documents with Common Knowledge by Using Attribute Links. 1997.TR186.Correl_Doc_with_Common_Knowl_by_Using_Attrib_Links.ps.gz.
      60. Analyti, A., Spyratos, N., Constantopoulos, P., & Doerr, M. (1997). Inheritance under Participation Constraints and Disjointnes. 1997.TR198.Inheritance_Particip_Constraints_Disjointness.ps.gz.
      61. Sintihakis, M. (1997). Monolingual Thesauri Merging. 1997.TR194.Monolingual_Thesauri_Merging.ps.gz.
      62. Analyti, A., Spyratos, N., & Constantopoulos, P. (1997). On the Definition of Semantic Network Semantics. 1997.TR187.Definition.Semantic.Network.ps.gz.
      63. Margariti, G. (1997). Performance metrics for the cache management mechanism of the Semantic Index System. 1997.TR191.Perform_metrics_for_the_cache_mechan_SIS.ps.gz.
      64. Analyti, A., Spyratos, N., & Constantopoulos, P. (1997). Property Covering : A Powerful Construct for Schema Derivations. 1997.TR199.Property_Covering_Construct_Schema_Derivations.ps.gz.
      65. Velegrakis, Y. (1997). VRW: A system to create, modify and procude reports. 1997.TR197.VRW.ps.gz.
      66. Anastasiadi, A. (1996). A study of Microeconomic Algorithms for Load Balancing and Data Replication in Distributed Computer Systems. 1996.TR179.Study_Microeconomic_Algorithm_Load_Balancing_Data_Replication_Distr_Computer_Systems.ps.gz.
      67. Doerr, M. (1996). Authority Services in Global Information Spaces - Requirements analysis and feasibility study -. 1996.TR163.Authority_Services_Global_Information_Spaces.pdf.
      68. Hamilakis, Ch. (1996). Construction of a Federated Schema for a FDBS from Local Relational Schemeta. 1996.TR183.Constr_Fed_Schema_FDBS.ps.
      69. Gritzapi, Ch.D. (1996). Data transfer from a relational to an object-oriented database. 1996.TR168.Data_Transfer_From_Relational_Object-oriented_Database.ps.gz.
      70. Wiewer, C. (1996). Efficient Indexes for Dynamic Set-Valued Fields in a Semantic Network. 1996.TR164.Efficient_Indexes_Dynamic_Set-Valued_Fields_Semantic_Network.ps.gz.
      71. Daskalakis, D. (1996). Interactive update of object-oriented databases. 1996.TR169.Interactive_update_of_OODBs.ps.gz.
      72. Papadakis, D. (1996). Parallel Tabu Search Algorithms for the Flow-Shop Problem. 1996.TR185.Paral_Tabu_Search_Algo_F_S_Probl.ps.gz.
      73. Analyti, A., Constantopoulos, P., & Spyratos, N. (1996). Specialization by Restriction and Schema Derivations. 1996.TR176.Specialization_Restriction_Schema_Derivations.ps.gz.
      74. Nikolaou, Ch., Marazakis, M., & Georgiannakis, G. (1996). Transaction Routing for Distributed OLTP Systems: Survey and Recent Results. 1996.TR165.Transaction_Routing_Distributed_OLTP_Systems_Results.ps.gz.
      75. Ksouris, G. (1995). A System for Configuration Management. 1995.TR139.System_Configuration_Management.ps.gz.
      76. Theodorakis, M. (1995). Name Scope In Semantic Data Models. 1995.TR141.Name_Scope_In_Semantic_Data_Models.ps.gz.
      77. Tzitzikas, Y. (1995). View Updates in Knowledge Bases. 1995.TR142.View_Updates_in_Knowledge_Bases.ps.gz.
      78. Georgiannakis, G.Y. (1994). A Storage and Memory Management Mechanism for Objects in Telos. 1994.TR119.Storage_Memory_Management_Mechanism_ForObjects_In_Telos.ps.Z.
      79. Karavassilh, M.P. (1994). An Algorithm to Layout Directed Graphs. 1994.TR122.Algorithm_Layout_Directed_Graphs.ps.Z.
      80. Constantopoulos, P. (1994). Cultural Documentation : The CLIO System. 1994.TR115.CLIO_System.ps.gz.
      81. Christoforaki, M. (1994). Cultural Documentation with System CLIO. 1994.TR120.Cultural_Documentation_System_CLIO.ps.Z.
      82. Halkia, K. (1993). Syntactical Software Substitution. 1993.TR77.Syntactical_Software_Substitution.ps.Z.
      83. Tsatsakis, N. (1993). The Problem of Total Completion Time of n Jobs on One Machine with Set-Up Times. 1993.TR88.Problem_Total_Completion_Time_nJobs_OneMachine_SetupTimes.ps.Z.
      84. Georgis, Ch. (1992). Design and Implementation of the Graphics Portion of the Labyrinth System. 1992.TR51.Design_Graphics_Portion_Labyrinth.ps.Z.
      85. Georgiou, Th. (1992). The Problem of Maximum Tardiness on One Machine with Setup Times. 1992.TR46.Problem_Tardiness_OneMachine_Setup_Times.ps.Z.
      86. Constantopoulos, P., Nastos, D., Theodoridou, M., Yeorgaroudakis, Y., Savino, P., & Pancaccini, G.L. (1990). Man-Machine Interaction in Multimedia Document Retrieval: The MULTOS System. 1990.TR023_The_MULTOS_System.pdf.
      87. Mylopoulos, J., Borgida, A.T., Jarke, M., & Koubarakis, M. (1990). TELOS : Representing Knowledge About Information Systems. 1990.TR024_Representing_Knowledge_Information_Systems.pdf.
      88. Drakopoulos, J., & Constantopoulos, P. (1989). An Exact Algorithm for 2-D String Matching. 1989.TR021_Algorithm_2-D_String_Matching.pdf.
      89. Chung, L., Katalagarianos, P., Marakakis, M., Mertikas, M., Mylopoulos, J., & Vassiliou, Y. (1989). From Information System Requirements to Designs : A Mapping Framework. 1989.TR020_Mapping_Framework.pdf.
      90. Constantopoulos, P., Drakopoulos, J., & Yeorgaroudakis, Y. (1989). Retrieval of Multimedia Documents by Pictorial Content : A Prototype System. 1989.TR022_Retrieval_Multimedia_Documents_Pictorial_Content.pdf.
      91. Koubarakis, M., Mylopoulos, J., Stanley, M., & Borgida, A.T. (1989). Telos : Features and Formalization. 1989.TR018_TELOS_Features_Formalization.pdf.
      92. Constantopoulos, P., Orphanoudakis, S.C., & Petrakis, E.G.M. (1988). An Approach to Multimedia Document Retrieval on the Basis of Pictorial Content. 1988.TR011_Basis_Pictorial_Content.pdf.
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      94. Constantopoulos, P., Drettakis, G., Petra, E., Theodoridou, M., & Yeorgaroudakis, Y. (1988). Iterative Design of User Interfaces for an Office System using a UIMS. 1988.TR010_User_Interfaces_for_an_Office_System.pdf.
      95. Binot, J.L., Demoen, B., Hanne, K.H., Levy, S., Vassiliou, Y., von Hahn, W., & Wachtel, T. (1988). LOKI: A Logic Oriented Approach to Data and Knowledge Bases Supporting Natural Language Interaction. 1988.TR015_LOKI.pdf.
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      97. Constantopoulos, P. (1987). ESTIA: A Real-Time Consumer Control Scheme for Space Conditioning Usage under Spot Electricity Pricing. 1987.TR002_ESTIA_Real-Time_Consumer_Control_Scheme.pdf.
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      100. Mamalaki, M., Marakakis, M., Mertikas, M., Topaloglou, Th., & Vassiliou, Y. (1987). On the Development of Information Systems - From Requirements Modeling to Systems Design -. 1987.TR006_From_Requirements_Modeling_to_System_Design.pdf.
      101. Borgida, A.T., Jarke, M., Mylopoulos, J., Schmidt, J.W., & Vassiliou, Y. (1987). The Software Development Environment as a Knowledge Base Management System. 1987.TR003_Knowledge_Base_Management_System.pdf.
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