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      1. Kritsotakis, V., Roussakis, I., Patkos, Th., & Theodoridou, M. (2018). Assistive Query Building for Semantic DataIn Poster/Demo Proceedings of the 14th European conference on Semantic Technologies and AI (SEMANTiCS-18) (Received a Best Demo and Poster Award) (blind review).
      2. Lilitsis , P., Patkos, Th., Flouris, G., & Plexousakis, D. (2018). Travel Companion: A mobile system for trip assistance relying on Artificial Intelligence and Augmented RealityPoster Session in the 10th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SETN-18), Patras 9-12 July, 2018.
      3. Papaioannou, A., & Magoutis, K. (2017). Incremental elasticity for NoSQL data storesin the 37th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2017), Atlanta, GA, USA, June 2017, poster, Atlanta, GA, USA, June 5-8. ( 1063-6927).
      4. Stefanidis, K., & Ntoutsi, E (2016). Cluster-based Contextual RecommendationsProceedings of the 19th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, EDBT 2016, Bordeaux, France, March 15-16, 2016 (pp. 712-713).
      5. Efthymiou, V., Stefanidis, K., & Christophides, V. (2016). Minoan ER: Progressive Entity Resolution in the Web of DataIn the proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, EDBT 2016, Bordeaux, France, March 15-16, 2016 (pp. 670-671).
      6. Papakonstantinou, V., Flouris, G., Fundulaki, I., & Gubichev, A. (2016). Thoughts on OWL-Empowered SPARQL Query OptimizationIn Poster Proceedings of the 13th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC-16), Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 29 - June 2, 2016.
      7. Saveta, Tz., Daskalaki, E., Flouris, G., Fundulaki, I., Herschel, M., & Ngonga-Ngomo, A.-C. (2015). Pushing the Limits of Instance Matching Systems: A Semantics-Aware Benchmark for Linked DataIn Proceedings of the Poster Session of the 24th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW-15).
      8. Saveta, Tz., Daskalaki, E., Flouris, G., Fundulaki, I., Herschel, M., & Ngonga-Ngomo, A.-C. (2015). SPIMBENCH: A Scalable, Schema-Aware Instance Matching Benchmark for the Semantic Publishing DomainInvited poster for the 3rd Workshop on Graph-based Technologies and Applications (Graph-TA-15),  (pdf).
      9. Christophides, V., Stefanidis, K., & Efthymiou, V. (2015). WebER: Resolving Entities in the WebIn the European Data Forum (EDF2015), Luxembourg, 16-17 November.
      10. Saveta, Tz., Daskalaki, E., Flouris, G., Fundulaki, I., Herschel, M., Ngonga-Ngomo, A.-C., & Plexousakis, D. (2014). A Scalable Schema Aware Instance Matching Benchmark for Semantic Publishing. Invited poster for the 10th Reasoning Web Summer School.
      11. Doerr, M., Chrysakis, I., Axaridou, A., Theodoridou, M., Georgis, Ch., Maravelakis, E., Konstantaras, A., & Xinogalos, M. (2014). Developing a novel system for Documentation of Cultural Heritage Monuments recorded with Terrestrial 3D Scanners1st CAA GR conference,, 2014, Rethymno, Greece, 7-8 March.
      12. Zografistou, D., Flouris, G., Patkos, Th., & Plexousakis, D. (2014). Group Decision Making Using Preferential Reasoning. Invited poster for the 10th Reasoning Web Summer School.
      13. Avgoustaki, A., Flouris, G., & Fundulaki, I. (2014). Provenance Management for SPARQL Updates. Invited poster for the 10th Reasoning Web Summer School.
      14. Maravelakis, E., Konstantaras, A., Axaridou, A., Chrysakis, I., & Xinogalos, M. (2014). Recording, Visualization and Documentation of 3D Spatial Data for Monitoring Topography in Areas of Cultural HeritageEuropean Geosciences Union General Assembly , Vienna, Austria, 27 April – 02 May.
      15. Kritikos, K., & Plexousakis, D. (2012). Towards Optimizing the Non-Functional Service Matchmaking TimeProceedings of the 21st international conference companion on World Wide Web, (WWW 2012), Lyon, France, April 16-20 (pp. 549-550). New York, NY, USA ©2012 : ACM (978-1-4503-1230-1 ).
      16. Kondylakis, H., Plexousakis, D., & Tzitzikas, Y. (2010). Ontology evolution in data integrationIn the poster Session of Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), Heraklion, Crete.
      17. Flouris, G., Fundulaki, I., Michou, M., & Antoniou, G. (2010). Access Control for RDF: Experimental Results. 3rd Future Internet Symposium (FIS2010).
      18. Bravo, L., Cheney, J., & Fundulaki, I. (2008). ACCOn: checking consistency of XML write-access control policiesEDBT '08: Proceedings of the 11th international conference on Extending database technology, Nantes, France, March 25 (pp. 715-719). New York, NY, USA: ACM (978-1-59593-926-5).
      19. Bikakis, A., & Antoniou, G. (2008). Alternative strategies for contextual reasoning with conflicts in ambient computing. 2nd International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems, RR 2008, Karlsruhe, Germany, 31 October 2008 through 1 November 2008 (vol. 5341 LNCS, pp. 234-235). (03029743; 3540887369 (ISBN); 9783540887362 (ISBN)).
      20. Kontopoulos, E., Bassiliades, N., & Antoniou, G. (2007). A visualization algorithm for defeasible logic rule bases over RDF dataProccedings of the 1st International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR-2007), 7 June 2007 through 8 June 2007 (vol. 4524 LNCS, pp. 367-369). Innsbruck (03029743 (ISSN); 354072981X (ISBN); 9783540729815 (ISBN)).
      21. Tzitzikas, Y., Christophides, V., Flouris, G., Kotzinos, D., Markkanen, H., Plexousakis, D., & Spyratos, N. (2006). Trialogical E-learning and emergent knowledge artifacts. 1st European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2006, Crete, 1 October 2006 through 4 October 2006 (vol. 4227 LNCS, pp. 703-708). (03029743; 3540457771 (ISBN); 9783540457770 (ISBN)).
      22. Flouris, G., Plexousakis, D., & Antoniou, G. (2005). Ontology Evolution Using Belief Change and the AGM Theory. 4th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC-05), Galway, Ireland.
      23. Kokkinidis, G., Sidirourgos, L., Christophides, V., Dalamagas, T., Sellis, T., & Vigias, S.D. (2005). P2P Digital Libraries. 9th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, Vienna, Austria, September 18-23.
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