Ambient intelligence

Coordinator: Prof. Dimitris Plexousakis

Ambient intelligence (AmI) is a multi-disciplinary initiative to enable user-centered intelligent environments. From the technical viewpoint, the main objective of ambient intelligence is to provide the right information to the right users at the right time on the right device in the right way. To achieve this goal, AmI systems have to take the context into account, where context refers to any parameters relevant to the user’s situation and tasks (e.g. location, time, environmental parameters, profile, activity etc). ISL studies the use of semantic techniques for capturing key context parameters, and of reasoning techniques to manipulate such information. Particular activities include: (a) context representation and reasoning; (b) activity recognition; (c) extracting high level context information from low level sensor input; and (d) planning in intelligent environments. These technologies are applied in concrete applications of ambient assisted living, intelligent classroom and intelligent office spaces.

Ph.D. Thesis

M.S. Thesis


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