CRMdig : a model for provenance metadata

CRMdig is an ontology and RDF Schema to encode metadata about the steps and methods of production ("provenance") of digitization products and synthetic digital representations such as 2D, 3D or even animated Models created by various technologies. Its distinct features compared to competitive models is the complete inclusion of the initial physical measurement processes and their parameters. It has been developed as compatible extension of ISO21127 (CIDOC CRM), which allows for querying the most relevant facts and returning complete descriptions encoded in this model by generic ISO21127 terms without need to refer to its specific properties. In contrast, competitive models cannot be queried by a more general standard and are restricted to the computational provenance only. Data encoded in the major competitive models can be transformed without loss of meaning into a CRM-Digital-form.

The use of CIDOC CRM for provenance modeling  has been conceived in the framework of the European IP CASPAR for different disciplines (digitization, born digital objects, performing arts, satellite data) by interpreting OAIS guidelines and was fully developed and tested on relevant data sets in the framework of the European IP 3D-COFORM. During the latter, also the mandatory practical user guidelines for the identification description of provenance-related entities, such as physical objects, equipment, software, people, time where developed and a repository infrastructure capable to effectively store, query and access such metadata and the related data items has been created. As such, 3D-COFORM has a real impact in drawing together the workflow from initial data capture to communication of results.

The model is so far being employed in the Greek national project "3D-SYSTEK" on managing 3D model production, in a US-national NSF-funded project for RTI tools lead by Cultural Heritage Imaging, San Francisco, in the ongoing European Projects ARIADNE for scientific data in archaeology and in InGeoClouds for geological observational data. ICS-FORTH further promotes its use for biodiversity observations and measurements in the framework of the European LifeWatch project and its Greek National implementation.

The applications so far perfectly confirm the wide applicability and potential of this model for all kinds of scientific data and other digital objects and its superior maturity in terms of coverage, genericity, expressive power and level of detail. It should be stressed that the aforementioned take up of 3D-COFORM metadata handling is currently occurring in infrastructure projects with direct bearing on the professional practice and standards of disciplinary communities. We expect a great impact of this model and the related technology in the near future, particularly when more data in this format will become publicly visible as Linked Open Data on the Internet through the above projects and other take up."


Contact info: Maria Theodoridou


The releases of CRMdig are available at the Compatible models & collaborations section in the CIDOC CRM site


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