Knowledge Systems

Coordinator: Prof. Dimitris Plexousakis

Most corporate and scientific worlds are by no means simple, and the corresponding knowledge that must be represented and managed is complex and dynamic in nature. Not only are adequate representation formalisms required, but also elaborate reasoning techniques for producing additional knowledge.

ISL has been pursuing, and plans to continue pursuing, basic research in knowledge representation and reasoning. Particular objectives are to:

  • Develop monotonic and nonmonotonic rule-based reasoning languages and systems for the semantic web, with strong emphasis on performance;
  • Develop lightweight rule reasoners running on small devices and able to be easily integrated with other technologies;
  • Study the revision of description logic-based knowledge bases, and apply the results and techniques to ontology change (update, revision, versioning) and the integration of inconsistent ontologies;
  • Study reasoning about action in dynamic environments, in particular extensions of the event calculus;
  • Apply the above methods to e-Commerce, pervasive computing, and IT security.
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