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X3ML Toolkit

A set of small, open source, microservices that follow the SYNERGY Reference Model*. They are designed with open interfaces and they can be easily customized and adapted to complex environments. The X3ML Toolkit consists of a set of software components that assist the data provisioning process for information integration. The key components of the toolkit are: (a) Mapping Memory Manager, (b) 3M Editor, and (c) X3ML Engine.
[* The SYNERGY Reference Model is a rich and comprehensive Reference Model for a better practice of data provisioning and aggregation processes, primarily in the cultural heritage sector, but also for e-science.]

Repository Infrastructure for Data and Provenance recording

Repository Infrastructure (RI) is an open source client-server system for managing datasets produced in long and complicated workflows, such as scientific research data and industry production datasets. Detailed digital documentation, sufficient to allow reproducibility, is of very high importance in this context. Client organizations can access at any time the repository services to upload new or update the existing material, to query and browse data, make annotations and download files (leaflet)

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