Information Security Programme (Infosec)


The Programme on Information Security at FORTH-ICS has been established to address security issues in modern information systems, while storing, processing, communicating, and sharing information. Security relates to both technological aspects of information systems, as well as to social, economic, and law issues. On the technology side, security spans a broad range of topics and requires understanding of issues at all levels of computer and communication systems, networks, information management, and visualization. For this reason the Programme is multidisciplinary and brings together researchers from various ICS laboratories. The Programme goals fall in two categories:


  • To conduct research in underlying technologies related to the security of networks, computer and communication systems, and information processing, and to demonstrate solutions to security problems in real-life applications.
  • To create and maintain a catalogue of best practices in the security of networks, systems and information.
  • To participate in standardisation activities in the field of security.

b) Policy:

  • To be a center of expertise towards establishing a high level of security in networks, systems, and information, and to train specialised personnel, both in the private and public sectors in dealing with security issues in these areas.
  • To contribute to the creation and promotion of appropriate policies, methods for risk analysis and management, and to support policy standardisation.
  • To function as a consulting body for public and private institutions in the area of information security.

leaflet of Infosec Programme, Nov. 2004, 4 pages, in PDF format (547kb)

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