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 Human - Computer Interaction Laboratory

Universally Accessible Games


In the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory of ICS-FORTH we are designing and developing Universally Accessible Games in close cooperation with the Centre for Universal Access & Assistive Technologies.

At present, the following games have been developed:

  • UA-Chess: a universally accessible multi-modal chess game, which can be played between two players, including people with disabilities (low-vision, blind and hand-motor impaired), either locally on the same computer, or remotely over the Internet.
  • Access Invaders: a universally accessible version of the popular classic " Space Invaders" action game.
  • Game Over!: "Game Over!" is the world's first (and hopefully only) universally inaccessible game. The goal of this game is to be used as an educational tool for disseminating, understanding and consolidating game accessibility guidelines.
  • Terrestrial Invaders: A UA-Game packed with numerous accessibility features that can be switched on and off, both off-line and on-the-fly. Actually, this game was developed in order to be able to create Game Over!

  • Link to the UA-Chess Site

    UA-Chess screenshot

    Link to the Access Invaders Site

    Access Invaders screenshot

    Link to the Game Over! Site

    Game Over! screenshot

    Link to the Terrestrial Invaders Site

    Terrestrial Invaders screenshot