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 Human - Computer Interaction Laboratory


The following game parameters can be customized, to better suit individual players' needs, requirements and preferences, as well as the particular characteristics of alternative contexts of use:

  1. Player's spaceship
    • Movement speed
    • Bullets
      • Speed
      • Auto-fire (and its frequency)
      • If the bullets are blocked or can pass through shields
    • Auto-moving (the user can change movement direction)
    • Number of hits it can take before being destroyed
    • Number of "lives"
    • Invicibility duration (after it has been destroyed)
    • What kind of alien ships the specific player can destroy
  2. Aliens
    Several different groups of aliens can be concurrently active in the game. Different customization parameters can be used for each distinct group:
    • Number of lines of alien ships
    • Number of alien ships per line
    • Horizontal and vertical distance between alien ships
    • Horizontal and vertical speed of the group
    • Frequency of bomb dropping
    • Bomb's speed
    • Which player(s) this group's bombs can destroy
  3. Mothership
    • Frequency of appearance
    • Speed
  4. All animated graphic elements (player & aliens)
    • Images / animation
    • Sounds and music
  5. Shields
    • Shape and layout
    • Number of hits they can take before being destroyed
  6. Background
    • Color
    • Graphics
    • Space travelling effect (flying stars)
      • Number of stars
      • Stars' velocity
  7. General
    • Screen resolution and color depth
    • Full-screen/windowed mode
    • Controls
    • Fonts
    • Speech
    • In-game messages