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Collada Presentation

Date: Friday, April 18th, Time: 9:00 - 10:30, Room: Zeus

Dr. Rémi Arnaud, Sr. Graphics Architect, Intel

Rémi Arnaud will deliver a presentation on the latest COLLADA specification, COLLADA 1.5 from the Khronos Group. Expect to see and hear about the latest content, applications, technologies and ever growing organizations adopting COLLADA today. Rémi works in advanced visual computing in the Visual Computing Software Division (VCSD) within Intel’s Software Solutions Group where he is leading the Game Engine Technology team. His career started in the R&D department of Thomson Training & Simulation (now Thales) designing and then leading the Space Magic real-time visual system. He moved to California in the 1990’s to work on the IRIS Performer project for SGI. He left SGI to co-found Intrinsic Graphics where he co-designed the Alchemy engine as Director of Technology. Most recently, he worked on the PLAYSTATION®3 SDK as Graphics Architect at Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D where he started the COLLADA standardization effort.

Mark Barnes

Mark Barnes joined Intel in September 2007 as a Graphics Architect in the Visual Computing Software Division where he is managing the Game Engine Technology tools and engine teams. Mark is also the chairman of the COLLADA work group for The Khronos Group open standards consortium where he manages the activities and operations of its international members to further the global adoption of COLLADA as a digital asset standard for 3D interactive content. Mark's experience and knowledge in the field of visual simulation includes database tools, distributed processing, and real-time graphics began in earnest in 1988 working as a systems programmer at the NASA Ames Research Center Vertical Motion Simulator (VMS) laboratory. Mark is a coauthor (with Rémi Arnaud) of the top selling book "COLLADA: Sailing the Gulf of 3d Digital Content Creation." He is well known for his work on the OpenFlight tools and specification while at MultiGen-Paradigm Inc in the 1990's. Most recently, Mark was a Staff Software Engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D where he was the COLLADA Project Lead for the PLAYSTATIONTM 3.