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        ICS-FORTH Technical Reports

      1. Tsioliaridou, N. A., & Ioannidis, S. (2014). Building Software Defined Materials with Nanonetworks. 2014.TR447_Software_Defined_Materials_Nanonetworks.pdf.
      2. Pratikakis , P., Chinis, G, Athanasopoulos, E., & Ioannidis, S. (2012). Practical Information Flow for Legacy Web Applications. 2012.TR428_Practical-Information_Flow_for_Legacy_Web_Applications.pdf.
      3. Gessiou, E., Athanasopoulos, E., & Ioannidis, S. (2011). Digging up Social Structures from Documents on the Web. 2011.TR412_Social_Structures_Documents_on_the_web.pdf.
      4. Gessiou, E., Hieu Vu, Q., & Ioannidis, S. (2011). IRILD: an Information Retrieval based method for Information Leak Detection. 2011.TR413_IRILD.pdf.
      5. Ligouras, S. (2011). Protecting the Social Graph: Client-side mitigation of Cross-Site Content Forgery attacks. Προστατεύοντας τον Κοινωνικό Γράφο: Αντιμετώπιση Cross-Site Content Forgery επιθέσεων στην πλευρά του χρήστη
      6. Kapravelos, A., Polakis, I., Athanasopoulos, E., Ioannidis, S., & Markatos, E.P. (2009). Digital is Calling the Analog : Robust Prevention of Dial Attacks. 2009.TR399_Robust_Prevention_Dial_Attacks.pdf.
      7. Athanasopoulos, E., Pappas, V., Ligouras, S., & Markatos, E.P. (2009). JS : Lightweight Cross-Site Scripting Prevention Using Isolation Operators. 2009.TR400_Lightweight_Cross-Site_Scripting.pdf.
      8. Anagnostakis, K.G., Antonatos, S., & Markatos, E.P. (2006). Honey@home: A New Approach to Large-Scale Threat Monitoring. 2006.TR378_Large-Scale_Threat_Monitoring.pdf.
      9. Athanasopoulos, E., & Markatos, E.P. (2006). Misusing Unstructured P2P Systems to Perform DoS Attacks:The Network that Never Forgets. 2006.TR370_Misusing_Unstructured_P2P_Systems.pdf.
      10. Polychronakis, M., Anagnostakis, K.G., & Markatos, E.P. (2006). Network-Level Polymorphic Shellcode Detection Using Emulation. 2006.TR368_Network_Level_Polymorphic_Shellcode_Detection.pdf.
      11. Anagnostakis, K.G., Antonatos, S., Akritidis, P., & Markatos, E.P. (2005). Defending against Hitlist Worms using Network Address Space Randomization. 2005.TR349_Network_Address_Space_Randomization_Against_Worms.pdf.
      12. Anagnostakis, K.G., Sidiroglou, S., Akritidis, P., Xinidis, K., Markatos, E.P., & Keromytis, A.D. (2005). Detecting Targeted Attacks Using Shadow Honeypots. 2005.TR348_Targeted_Attacks_Shadow_Honeypots.pdf.
      13. Charitakis, I., Anagnostakis, K.G., & Markatos, E.P. (2004). A Network-Processor-Based Traffic Splitter for Intrusion Detection. 2004.TR342_Network_Processor_Traffic_Splitter_Intrusion_Detection.pdf.
      14. Charitakis, I., Anagnostakis, K.G., & Markatos, E.P. (2003). An Active Traffic Splitter Architecture for Intrusion Detection. 2003.TR323.Active_Traffic_Splitter.pdf.
      15. Antonatos, S., Anagnostakis, K.G., Markatos, E.P., & Polychronakis, M. (2002, December 2002). Benchmarking and Design of String Matching Intrusion Detection Systems. Technical Report 315. December 2002.
      16. Anagnostakis, K.G., Antonatos, S., Markatos, E.P., & Polychronakis, M. (2002, October 2002). E2 XB: A Domain-Specific String Matching Algorithm for Intrusion Detection. Technical Report 311. October 2002.
      17. Markatos, E.P., Antonatos, S., Polychronakis, M., & Anagnostakis, K.G. (2002, October 2002). Exclusion-based signature matching for intrusion detection. 2002.TR310.String_Matching_for_Intrusion_Detection.pdf.
      18. Portokalidis, G., Markatos, E.P., & Marazakis, M. (2002, October 2002). Study and Bridging of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems. 2002.TR312.Bridging_Peer-to-Peer_File_Sharing_Systems.pdf.
      19. Markatos, E.P. (2001). Speeding up TCP / IP : Faster Processors are not Enough. 2001.TR297.SpeedingUp_TCP_IP_faster_processors.ps.gz.
      20. Markatos, E.P. (2001). Tracing a large-scale Peer to Peer System:an hour in the life of Gnutella. 2001.TR298.Tracing_Peer_to_Peer_System.pdf.
      21. Lalis, S., & Karipidis, A. (2000). An Open Market-Based Architecture for Distributed Computing. 2000.TR266.OpenMarket_Architecture_Distributed_Computing.ps.gz.
      22. Markatos, E.P., Pnevmatikatos, D., Flouris, M.D., & Katevenis, M.G.H. (2000, October 2000). Web-Conscious Storage Management for Web Proxies. 2000.TR275.Web_Conscious_Storage_Management_Web_Proxies.pdf.
      23. Mavroidis, I., Tsalapata, H., & Kapidakis, S. (1999). Multilingual Extensions to DIENST. 1999.TR248.Multilingual_Extensions_to_DIENST.ps.gz.
      24. Kapidakis, S., Alexakos, P., & Tsalapata, H. (1999). Parametarization of DIENST Metadata Search Fields. 1999.TR249.Parametarization_DIENST_Metadata_Search_Fields.ps.gz.
      25. Houstis, C.E., Lalis, S., & Tsalapata, H. (1999). THETIS: An environmental information system for the support of Coastal Zone management. 1999.TR256.THETIS_Environmental_Inf_System_Coastal_Zone_Manag.ps.gz.
      26. Kapidakis, S., Sapountzis, G., & Tsalapata, H. (1999). Z39.50 Access to A Dienst Digital Library. 1999.TR247.Access_to_a_Dienst_Digital_Library.ps.gz.
      27. Lalis, S., Marazakis, M., & Papadakis, D. (1998). Effects on an Asynchronous Resource Allocation Protocol on End-to-End Service Provision. 1998.TR239.Asynchronous_Resource_Allocation_Protocol.pdf.gz.
      28. Lalis, S., Houstis, C.E., & Christophides, V. (1998). Exploring Knowledge for the Interactive Specification of Scientific Workflows. 1998.TR229.Interactive_Specification_Scientific_Workflows.ps.gz.
      29. Lalis, S., Nikolaou, Ch., Papadakis, D., & Marazakis, M. (1998). Market-driven Service Allocation in a QoS-capable Environment. 1998.TR217.Service_Allocation_QoS-capable.Environment.ps.gz.
      30. Pnevmatikatos, D., Markatos, E.P., Magklis, G.I., & Ioannidis, S. (1998). On Using Network RAM as a non-volatile Buffer. 1998.TR227.NVRAM.ps.gz.
      31. Nikolaou, Ch., & Marazakis, M. (1998). System Infrastructure for Digital Libraries: A Survey and Outlook. 1998.TR237.System_Infrastructure_for_DLs.ps.gz.
      32. Nikolaou, Ch., Labrinidis, A., Volker, B., Ferguson, D., Artavanis, M., Kloukinas, Ch., & Marazakis, M. (1998). The Impact of Workload Clustering on Transaction Routing. 1998.TR238.Impact_Workload_Clustering_Trans_Routing.ps.gz.
      33. Houstis, C.E., Nikolaou, Ch., Lalis, S., Kapidakis, S., & Christopides, V. (1998). Towards a next generation of open scientific data repositories and services. 1998.TR219.Next_Generation_Open_Scientific_Data_Repositories.ps.gz.
      34. Houstis, C.E., Nikolaou, Ch., Marazakis, M., Patrikalakis, N., Pito, R., Sairamesh, J., & Thomasic, A. (1997). Design of a Data Repositories Collection and Data Visualization System for Coastal Zone Management of the Mediterranean Sea. 1997.TR200.THETIS.ps.gz.
      35. Nikolaou, Ch., Houstis, C.E., Sairamesh, J., & Patrikalakis, N. (1997). Impact of Scientific Advanced Networks for the Transfer of Knowledge and Technology in the Field of Coastal Zones. 1997.TR188.Impact_Advanced_Networks_Field_Coastal_Zones.ps.gz.
      36. Sairamesh, J., Kapidakis, S., Terzis, S., & Nikolaou, Ch. (1997). Performance Framework for QoS based Searching and Retrieval in Digital Libraries. 1997.TR204.QoS_Searching_Retrieval_DL.ps.gz.
      37. Terzis, S. (1997). Performance Monitoring in Digital Library Systems. 1997.TR210.performance_monitoring_DLs.ps.gz.
      38. Marazakis, M., Papadakis, D., & Nikolaou, Ch. (1997). The Aurora Architecture for Developing Network-Centric Applications by Dynamic Composition of Services. 1997.TR213.AURORA_Developing_Network-Centric_Applications.ps.gz.
      39. Nikolaou, Ch., Marazakis, M., Papadakis, D., Yeorgiannakis, Y., & Sairamesh, J. (1997). Towards a Common Infrastructure for Large-Scale Distributed Applications. 1997.TR201.Infrastructure_large_scale_distr_application.ps.gz.
      40. Markatos, E.P. (1997). Tracing a large-scale Peer to Peer System: an hour in the life of Gnutella. 
      41. Paragios, N., & Tziritas, G. (1996). Adaptive Detection and Localization of Moving Objects in Image Sequences. 1996.TR174.Adaptive_Detection_Localization_Moving_Object_Image_Sequences.ps.gz.
      42. Anastasiadi, A., Kapidakis, S., Sairamesh, J., & Nikolaou, Ch. (1996). Economic Models for Resource Allocation and Services in Distributed Information Systems. 1996.TR166.Economic_Models_for_Resource_Allocation_Serv_Distr_Inform_Systems.ps.gz.
      43. Saridakis, T. (1995). ArrayTracer:A Parallel Performance Analysis Tool. 1995.TR136.ArrayTracer_Parallel_Performance_Analysis_Tool.ps.gz.
      44. Georgiannakis, G., Houstis, C.E., Kapidakis, S., Karavassili, M., Nikolaou, Ch., Labrinidis, A., Marazakis, M., Markatos, E.P., Mavronicolas, M., Chabridon, S., Gelenbe, E., Born, E., Richter, L., & Riedl, R. (1995). DESCRIPTION OF THE ADAPTIVE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PROBLEM, COST FUNCTIONS AND PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES. 1995.TR130.LYDIA.D1.ps.gz.
      45. Paragios, N., & Tziritas, G. (1995). Detection and location of moving objects using deterministic relaxation algorithms. 1995.TR155.Detection_movingObjects_using_deterministic_relaxation_algorithms.ps.gz.
      46. Kapidakis, S., & Mavronikolas, M. (1995). Distributed, Low Contention Task Allocation. 1995.TR133.Distributed_LowContention_TaskAllocation.ps.gz.
      47. Busch, C., & Mavronikolas, M. (1995). Impossibility Results for Threshold Networks. 1995.TR137.Impossibility_Results_Threshold_Networks.ps.gz.
      48. Patras, I., Alvertos, N., & Tziritas, G. (1995). Joint disparity and motion field estimation in stereoscopic image sequences. 1995.TR157.Joint_disparity_motionField_estimation_stereoscopic_image_sequences.ps.gz.
      49. Marazakis, M. (1995). Simulation of TP Systems and a Study of Methods for Performance Goal Satisfaction. 1995.TR140.Simulation_ProcessingSystems_Methods_Performance_GoalSatisfaction.ps.gz.
      50. Marakakis, M., & Nikolaou, Ch. (1995). Towards Adaptive Scheduling of Tasks in Transactional Workflows. 1995.TR134.WorkflowManagement.WSC95-final.ps.Z.
      51. Chung, J.Y., Ferguson, D., Wang, G., Nikolaou, Ch., & Teng, J. (1994). Goal oriented dynamic buffer pool management for data base systems. 1994.TR125.Goal_oriented_dynamic_buffer_dbase_syst.ps.gz.
      52. Busch, C., & Mavronikolas, M. (1994). Providing Correctness for Balancing Networks. 1994.TR126.Providing_Correctness_for_Balancing_Networks.ps.gz.
      53. Markatos, E.P. (1993). How Architecture Evolution Influences the Scheduling Discipline used in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors. 1993.PARCO93.Architecture_infuence_on_Scheduling.ps.Z.
      54. Hardavellas, N., Karakos, D., & Mavronikolas, M. (1993). Notes on Sorting and Counting Networks. 1993.TR92.WDAG93.Sorting_Counting_Networks.ps.Z.
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