• CoreGRID Integration Workshop - CGIW08

The Workshop "Integrated Research in Grid Computing" was held on April 2-4 2008 at the Creta Maris resort hotel at the seaside village of Hersonissos. Its goal was to promote the integration of the European research community in the area of Grid technologies, in order to overcome the current fragmentation and duplication of efforts in this area.

The research topics of the workshop cover the whole breadth of Grid science and technology, including but not limited to:

  • Knowledge & data management
  • Programming models
  • System architectures and Peer-to-Peer
  • Grid information and monitoring services
  • Resource management and scheduling
  • Problem solving environments, tools and GRID systems

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  • CoreGRID Workshop

In the context of CoreGRID project, there was a Workshop held at the premises of FORTH, on the 17th January, 2005.

The workshop brought together the academic and industrial communities performing research in Grid and Peer-to-Peer Systems Architecture in Europe. The workshop was organized in the context of CoreGRID, an EU funded Network of Excellence, and provided a forum for the presentation and exchange of views on the latest Grid Technology research.


Occasionally there are visitors who give talks at the premises of FORTH. Through the link pointing to Colloquia you will find more information about titles and abstracts of these talks that have been hosted in the past, as well as for upcoming talks.


CoreGRID WP4 Meeting
27 November 2006, Nice, France

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