Emmanouil G. Spanakis

Emmanouil G. Spanakis

Collaborating Researcher

Computational BioMedicine Laboratory (CBML)
Institute of Computer Science (ICS)
Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)

Nikolaou Plastira 100, Vassilika Vouton
P.O Box 1385
GR-70013 Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Phone: +30 2810 391446
Fax: +30 2810 391428
E-mail: spanakisATics.forth.gr
Home page: http://www.ics.forth.gr/~spanakis/

Research Interests

  • Biomedical Informatics and Engineering
  • Security, Privacy and Trust
  • Biometrics and Access Control
  • Internet of Things, Web of Things 
  • Sensors and medical devices
  • Wellbeing, Affective computing 
  • Public health, smart eHealth and mHealth infrastructures, technologies, and standards
  • Personalized Computer Aided Diagnosis
  • Ambient e-health and m-health services and Smart Environments
  • Emergency medical systems
  • 5G mobile networks and its applications
  • Wireless medical sensors technologies
  • Telecommunication networks and theory
  • Wireless ad-hoc networks (Performance, Measurements, Analysis)
  • Wireless interference channel and Information theory

Participation in Research Projects

  • Daphne - Principal investigator, Coordinator, Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation (ELIDEK) - 1st Call for H.F.R.I. Research Projects for the support of Post-doctoral researchers, € 122.850, 22/08/2018-21/08/2021. Resilient network services for critical mHealth applications, This project aims to study and implement resilient services for critical to support mHealth services enabling personalization, patient inclusion and empowerment with the expectation that such systems will enhance traditional care in a crisis, and provide provision in a variety of situations where remote consultation and monitoring can be implemented despite the lack of end-to-end connectivity.
  • PANACEA: Protection and privAcy of hospital and health iNfrastructures with smArt Cyber sEcurity and cyber threat toolkit for dAta and people (H2020-SC1-FA-DTS-2018-1), € 4.961.143, 1/1/2019-31/12/2021 
  • i-AMA: Brain-controlled navigation in real environments, (Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK) approved by the European Commission),2018-2020,  € 573.440 
  • x (επι) ΒΛΕΨΙΣ: Advanced Monitoring System for Infants, (Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK) approved by the European Commission), 2018-2020, € 568.565 
  • SpeechXRays Principal investigator, H2020-DS-2014-2015. No 653586, 1/5/2015-30/4/2019, € 4.102.467,00, Multi-channel biometrics combining acoustic and machine vision analysis of speech,lip movement and face. SpeechXRays project will develop and test in real-life environments a user recognition platform based on voice acoustics analysis and audio-visual identity verification. SpeechXRays will outperform state-of-the-art solutions in the following areas: Security: high accuracy solution (cross over accuracy1 of 1/100 ie twice the commercial voice/face solutions); Privacy: biometric data stored in the device (or in a private cloud under the responsibility of the data subject); Usability: text-independent speaker identification (no pass phrase), low sensitivity to surrounding noise; Cost-efficiency: use of standard embedded microphone and cameras (smartphones, laptops).
  • MyHealthAvatar Primary investigator,Technical Manager, A Demonstration of 4D Digital Avatar Infrastructure for Access of Complete Patient Information, (FP7), € 2.446.998, 1/3/2013-29/2/2016, MyHealthAvatar will be built on the latest ICT technology with an aim of engaging public interest to achieve its targeted outcomes. In addition to data access, it is also an interface to access integrative models and analysis tools, utilizing resources already created by the VPH community. Overall, it will contribute to individualized disease prediction and prevention and support healthy lifestyles and independent living.
  • REACTIONResearch scientist, The REACTION project will develop an integrated approach to improve long term management of diabetes, continuous blood glucose monitoring, clinical monitoring and intervention strategies, monitoring and predicting related disease indicators, complemented by education on life style factors such as obesity and exercise and, ultimately, automated closed-loop delivery of insulin, (FP7-IP-No 248590).
  • eu-DomainResearch scientist, Development of a new, innovative European ambient intelligence service platform for automatic, context sensitive offering and contracting of mobile web services across heterogeneous networks. The eu-DOMAIN service platform will interconnect people, devices, buildings and content in an interoperable network, (FP6-2003-IST-2-2003-004420 003-004420).
  • RemoteCareResearch scientist, Developing an innovative technological platform for providing remote telematic health services., (ESA AO/1-4914/05/F/IZ).
  • eHealth network -Research scientist, at the PHC of Santorini linking community offices in Anafi, Thirasia, Folegandros, Sikinos using eHealth records and medical collaboration services, 2003-2004 (National Project).
  • SAFEResearch scientist, Satellites for Epidemiology and Health Early Warning, ESA Tender, 2006-2007 (Project Manager for FORTH-ICS, Organization of SAFE exercise in Crete, with participation of 20 organizations and 300 volunteers, investigating search and rescue and epidemiology scenarios in a Power plant and a hotel, as well as the outbreak of a epidemic in a refugee camp), (ESA AO/1-4914/05/F/IZ).
  • HYGEIANETResearch scientist, Crete-A telematics center: to contribute to the development of Information Society at the Regional Level. It includes R&D in three application domains, culture, health and public administration. By building on the results of previous research and development projects of ICS-FORTH, the main objective of te project is to develop the technological infrastructure of the region, to deploy at a large scale advance multi-sectorial telematics applications and services, to evaluate their cost/benefit and cost effectiveness, and to contribute to the preparation of the Region for entering into the Information age(INTERREG II).
  • ATTRACT -  Research scientist, Applications in Telemedicine taking rapid advantage of cable television network evolution to demonstrate how European health-care providers can offer cost-effective care to patients at home. The main outcome of ATTRACT work will be a set of broadband network applications providing low cost interactive health-care services at home very competitively. These applications will be based on existing and developing European Cable Television network infrastructures in order to provide all kind of users with affordable homecare services (EC DG XIII,5th Framework Programm R&D project,Telematics 2C).

Short CV

Dr. Emmanouil G. Spanakis is a Collaborating Researcher with the Computational Medicine Laboratory (CML) of the Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH-ICS). He is leading the Personal Health Systems and Pervasive Mobile Monitoring and Internet of Medical things R&D activities at the Computational Biomedicine Laboratory. He is also a visiting lecturer at the Computer Science Department, University of Crete. He holds a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in Computer Science and received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in 2009 from the University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece. His expertise, specialization and research lies in the wider scientific domain of computational medicine and wireless communication networks, and in particular on biomedical informatics; wireless medical sensors; ambient intelligence and smart surroundings; e-health and m-health related services; as well as in cross-layer design in wireless ad-hoc networks; wireless interference channel under SINR constrains; performance and analysis of mobile ad-hoc routing protocols; and wireless network measurements analysis. 



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