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Marie Curie Actions  Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
Training Program

General Description

TransForm aims at improving the career perspectives of researchers by offering structured training in the challenging research area of Transactional Memory, as well as providing complementary skills and exposing the researchers to other sectors including private companies. More specifically, the ESRs will work in close collaboration with leading researchers in the field of concurrent computing over Europe. Strong collaboration among the research teams is a must for Marie-Curie Initial Training Netoworks and the ESRs will have the opportunity of visits and secondments to the institutions of the other partners of the network.

Additionally, the ESRs will be given the opportunity to come in touch with strong industrial partners since researchers from well-known companies, like Deutsche Telekom (Germany), Microsoft Research, Cambridge (UK), the Sun Microsystems Labs, and the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in the US, stand at the supervisory board of the project.

Training also includes network-wide training activities with the long-term goal of providing a full-power training to the ESRs. Examples of such activities are the attendance of workshops and summer schools, courses that provide complementary training (such as project management, presentation skills, language courses, ethics, IPR, communication, etc.), involvement in the organisation of network activities, and other aspects such as proposal writing, task co-ordination, etc.

Network-wide Training Activities

In order to provide training opportunities to all ESRs, TransForm organized or co-organized several network-wide training activities, such as schools and workshops. Those events were attended by all TransForm ESRs. More information about those activitie can be found in section "Events".