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 Institute of Computer Science

Scalable Systems and Networks

Research areas
  • Scalable storage and computer systems
    • Network interface architectures
    • Communication protocols
    • Parallel architectures
    • Block-level storage architectures
    • Storage virtualization
    • Storage access protocols
  • Device miniaturization and sensor networks
    • Runtime system support
    • Communication protocols
  • Computer systems dependability and security
    • Networked storage security
    • System reliability and availability
    • Network interface support for security-sensitive applications
Research projects

Current Projects

  • CumuloNimbo
  • SCALUS: Marie Curie Initial Training Networks, 2009-2013.
  • I-cores: Synthesis of Custom Execution Capsules on Multiple Cores, 2009-2013, MC-IRG.
  • ScaleWorks: Parallel File System Support for Rapid Prototyping of Scalable Applications, 2009-2012, MC-IEF.

Past Projects

  • STREAM: Scalable Autonomic Streaming Middleware for Real-Time Processing of Massive Flows of Data, Feb 2008 - Jan 2011, STREP
  • SARC: Scalable Computer Architecture, 2006-2009, FP7 IP
  • HiPEAC2: High-Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation, 2008-2010, FP7 NoE
  • UNIsIX: Unifying System Interconnects, 2005-2009, FP7 MC-EXT
  • CoreGRID: Foundations, Software Infrastructures and Applications for large scale distributed, GRID and Peer-to-Peer Technologies, 2005-2008, EC-NoE
  • HiPEAC: High-Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation, 2005-2008, EC-NoE
  • Storage Management in HellasGRID, Jan 2007 - Jan 2008, GRNET
  • SIVSS: Scalable Video Server System, 2004-2006, EC-STREP
  • MASC: Managing Storage Complexity, 2004-2006, GSRT
  • MiSS: Mid-Size Servers, 2004-2006, GSRT
  • ATHLOS: Architectures of Commodity Hardware Blocks and Operating Systems, 2004-2006, EC-MC-IRG
  • Researchers
    • Angelos Bilas, Associate Professor, FORTH & University of Crete
    • Dimitrios Nikolopoulos, Associate Professor, FORTH & University of  Crete
    • Kostas Magoutis, Ph.D., Harvard University, USA
    • Xiaojun Yang, Ph.D., Information and Communication Engineering College, Harbin Engineering University, China.
  • Research Associates and Staff Member
    • Manolis Marazakis, Ph.D., Univ. of Crete, Greece
    • Markos Foundoulakis, M.A.Sc
    • Shoaib Akram, M.Sc.
    • Dhiraj Gulati, M.Sc.
    • Ioannis Sfakianakis, M.Sc.
  • Current Students
    • Konstantinos Hassapis, M.Sc.
    • Stelios Mavridis, B.Sc.
  • Past Students, Research Associates, and Staff Members
    • Michail Flouris, Ph.D., Univ. of Toronto, Canada
    • George Tzenakis, M.A.Sc..
    • Thanos Macatos, M.A.Sc.
    • Zoe Sebepou, M.A.Sc.
    • Michail Alvanos, M.A.Sc.
    • Yiannis Kessapidis, M.A.Sc.
    • Yiannis Klonatos, M.A.Sc.
    • Konstantinos Koukos, M.A.Sc.
    • Nikolaos Kabitakis, B.A.Sc.
    • Athanasios Katsadimas, B.A.Sc.
    • Evangelos Kafentarakis, B.A.Sc
    • Leonidas Kosmidis, B.A.Sc.
    • Yiannis Manousakis, B.A.Sc.
    • Konstantinos Patsis, B.A.Sc.
    • Evangelos Mangas, B.A.Sc., Ariostotelion University of Thessaloniki. M.A.Sc. Thesis: Fine-grained Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Audible Sound Transmissions and High Precision Clock Synchronization, November 2008.
    • Stavros Passas, B.A.Sc., University of Crete. M.A.Sc. Thesis: Reducing host-level protocol overhead in high-speed Ethernet-based cluster interconnects, March 2008.
    • Jesus Luna, Ph.D., UPC, Spain, March 2007-Oct 2007.
    • Panagiotis Hadziadam, B.A., Queens College, N.Y., USA, Jan 2007-Dec 2007.
    • Sven Karlsson, Ph.D., KTH, Sweden, Research Associate, July 2005-June 2007.
    • Konstantinos Kapelonis, M.Sc., Univ. of Wales Swansea, UK. Staff Member, May 2006-Feb 2007.
    • Konstantinos Xinidis, M.A.Sc., University of Crete. Research Associate, Dec 2004-Nov 2006.
    • Georgios Kotsis, B.A.Sc., University of Crete. M.A.Sc. Thesis: Improving scalability of Shared Memory Clusters, November 2006.
    • Renaud Lachaize, Ph.D., INPG, Grenoble, France. Research Associate, Sept 2005-August 2006.
    • Georgios Panagiotakis, B.A.Sc., University of Crete. M.A.Sc. Thesis: Reducing Disk I/O Performance Sensitivity for Large Numbers of Sequential Streams, May 2006.
    • Zsolt Nemeth, Ph.D., MTA SZTAKI, Hungary. Visitor, Feb. 2007. ERCIM Fellow, Mar-Dec 2005.
    • Hans Henrik Happe, Ph.D. candidate, Univeristy of Southern Denmark, Denmark, Visitor, Mar-Sep 2005.
    • Stergios Anastasiadis, Assistant Professor, Technical University of Chania, Crete, Greece. Research Associate, Feb-Jun 2005.
    • Dimitrios Xinidis, B.A.Sc., University of Crete. M.A.Sc. Thesis: Performance Analysis and Scaling of Networked, Shared, Block-level Storage, November 2005.
    • John Yannakopoulos, B.Eng. Polytechnic University of Crete, Chania, Greece. M.A.Sc. Thesis: CORMOS: A Communication-Oriented Runtime System for Sensor Newtorks, December 2004.
Prototyping Infrastructure

Cluster of PCs: Currently, we use for prototyping purposes a cluster of 64 dual CPU systems (128 processors) interconnected with a Gigabit Ethernet network. The cluster is gradually expanded to the final size of 96 nodes (198 CPUs).

  • 80 nodes: Dual Opteron 242, 1 GByte main memory, dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • Network switches: 3x24- and 1x48-port Gigabit Ethernet switches with full throughput backplanes
  • 2 Gbit/s among all cluster nodes.
  • 10-30 GBit/s among a subset of cluster nodes.
  • Storage nodes: 16 system nodes are currently equipped with 8  SATA disks each (about 4TBytes per node).

Monitor and documentation (internal use only)

Prototyping Infrastructure
Network interfaces:
  • We currently use FPGA and/or CPU based boards for communication protocol prototyping.
  • Various boards with XilinxVirtexII-Pro FPGAs and PowerPC CPUs