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 Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems Laboratory

Load Balancing in Parallel and Distributed Systems

This project deals with load balancing in parallel and distributed systems. We focus on the run-time environment, and especially on scheduling the iterations of a parallel loop.



  • Evangelos Markatos, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Relevant Publications:
  • E.P. Markatos: How Architecture Evolution influences the Scheduling Discipline in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors. In PARCO 93, Grenoble, France. Available: compressed PostScript (40kB).
  • E.P. Markatos and T.J. LeBlanc: Using Processor Affinity in Loop Scheduling on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors. In IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Processing, pages 379-400, April 94, v 5 n 4. Available: postscript (95 kB).
  • E.P. Markatos and T.J. LeBlanc: Locality-Based Scheduling in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors. In Current and Future Trends in Parallel and Distributed Computing, Editor Albert Zomaya, World Scientific Publishing, 1995 (to appear). Also published as Technical Report 94, Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, Greece, August 1993. Available: compressed PostScript (127kB).