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 Institute of Computer Science

People in the Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems Division

Head of the Lab

Research Personnel

Postdoctoral & Affiliated Researchers

Engineering Staff

  • Shoaib Akram
  • George Kalokerinos
  • Athanasios Kostopoulos
  • Manolis Marazakis
  • George Nikiforos
  • George Tzenakis

Technical support

Graduate Research Assistants

  • Stamatis Kavadias, PhD candidate
  • Eleftherios Kosmas, PhD candidate
  • Spyros Lyberis, PhD candidate
  • Evangelos Kafentarakis, MSc candidate
  • Ioannis Kesapides, MSc candidate
  • Ioannis Klonatos, MSc candidate
  • Vasilis Papaefstathiou, PhD candidate
  • Anastasios Papagiannis, MSc candidate
  • Giorgos Passas, PhD candidate
  • Konstantinos Chassapis, MSc candidate
  • Giorgos Saloustros, MSc candidate
  • Dimitris Tsialiagos, MSc candidate
  • Angelos Papatriantafyllou, MSc candidate
  • Foivos Zakkak, M.Sc. Candidate

Undergraduate Trainees

  • Dimitris Apostolou
  • Dimitris Chassapis
  • Ioannis Giokas
  • Ioannis Manousakis
  • Christos Margiolas
  • Stelios Mavridis
  • Dimokritos Stamatakis
  • Spyros Tsatuhas