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 Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems Laboratory


Previous Events

  • CARV in the NEWS

  • Patris: The miracles of Science 31-05-01 (in greek).
  • Eleutherotypia: Teaching Computer Architecture through the Internet 11-16-95 (in greek).
  • Eleutherotypia: chips made in Greece 07-16-95 (98K .gif file in greek), (1.5M .tif file)
  • Newspapers articles referring to CARV
  • Ta Nea (The Daily News) Wolrd-Wide Cybermap March. 1999
  • Eleutherotypia: Two International Conferences about Internet 06-02-96 (in greek).
  • On-line Papers and Magazine articles referring to CARV
  • Cyber-Geography Research Update Bulletin No. 14 3rd June 1998
  • Web-Vantage: Web Management Tools Help Network Administrators Allocate Resources 22 Jul 1998.
  • NET Letter Mission: INET 98, Sept 1998.