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Automatic Detection of Internet-based Cyberattacks

Over the last few years, the Internet has been repeatedly used as a medium to launch attacks against computer and communication subsystems. Such attacks, which are usually called cyber-attacks may disable a large number of computers, which may in turn paralyze critical infrastructures including telecommunications, provision of electric power, transportation, water supplies, athletic infrastructure, and commerce. Such cyber-attacks propagate rapidly and may have profound impact.

Our research targets the creation of early warning systems that can detect cyber-attacks quickly and can respond to them efficiently. Our recent focus has been on the direction of designing, implementing, and deploying early-warning systems that are able to detect computer attacks at their infancy.



  • Cassandra is a utility that takes as an input a trace file and reports suspicious packets based on distinct destination counts.
  • Packetgrep is a utility that given a trace file, a payload hash, and a payload length, reports all matching packets.




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