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 Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems Laboratory

Cache Performance

This project deals with exploring cache performance, and using visualization aids to help users understand how their programs interact with a cache (and memory) hierarchy.


Staff :

  • Evangelos Markatos, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Graduate Students:

  • George Milolidakis
  • Antonis Danalis
  • Tools:

    MemSpyer: A tool for performance debugging of memory-intensive applications.

    MemSpyer is a performance debugging tool that helps users identify memory performance bottlenecks in their programs. It is based on part on Shade, an instruction-set simulator and custom trace generator which has been developed by SUN. The tool is even be able to display several instances of the same level of the memory hierarchy. For example, the tool displays the miss ratio for a 4Kbytes-large first-level cache and for an 8Kbytes-large first-level cache simultaneously. The tool also highlights the source code line where the program currently executes so that users can relate the cache performance to the source code segments that cause it.

    Downdload the code, or the user's manual.