CGI’16 Program

The latest version of the CGI’16 program (PDF) can be found here.

The CGI’16 Facebook page can be found here and the daily Facebook photos from all the events & session can be found here.

Download the PDF file .

Presentation instructions

  • Orals
    • Sessions: Check the above CGI’16 Program web page for the day, time and session of your oral presentation.
    • Timing20 minutes have been allocated to each oral presentation for long-papers and 10 minutes for short-papers. This includes speaker setup, talk and question period. Please leave at least 2 minutes for questions.
    • Projection: There will be a laptop projection only. Laptop projectors have a maximum resolution of 1024×768. There will be no VCR, and no overhead projectors.
    • Important: Please be in the lecture hall at least 15 minutes before the start of your session. Introduce yourself to your session chair, get any last-minute instructions from him/her, and make sure your laptop works. In particular, all speakers must check before the session begins that the laptop & projector work together.

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