Christos Georgis


R & D Engineer

Institute of Computer Science
Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas

N. Plastira 100,
Vassilika Vouton, GR-700 13 Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Phone: +30 2810 391622
Fax: +30 2810 391638

Christos Georgis is an R & D engineer in the Information Systems Laboratory of the Institute of Computer Science, FORTH. He holds a Master of Science in System Architecture and a degree in Computer Science from University of Crete.

His main interests include knowledge representation and reasoning, database systems, net-centric information systems, conceptual modeling,  information retrieval systems, database and workflow management systems, semantically rich, large-scale, adaptive information systems, cultural informatics, document management systems design and interlingual thesauri.

He is responsible for the design and the implementation for the systems / products provided by the Information Systems Laboratory:SYNTHESIS - An Information System for administration, documentation and promotion of cultural instances and THEMAS Thesaurus Management System - A system for developing multilingual thesauri

Furthermore he is responsible for the design and the implementation for the platforms developed within projects IdeaGarden, 3DSYSTEK and 3D-COFORM, a repository infrastructure for storing, managing and documenting digital information (data and metadata), as well as its related aquisition and processing processes.

He was the development coordinator for systems developed in the Laboratory: the Semantic Index System (SIS), a versatile, semantic network information management system, especially suited for unlimited runtime metamodelling; the Thesaurus Management System (SIS-TMS), an ISO-compliant, SIS-based system for the development and management of multilingual thesauruse and WebTMS a web enabled, ISO-compliant, SIS-based system for the development and management of multilingual thesauruses.

Projects he has participated:

 - HOBBIT - Ηolistic Benchmarking of Big Linked Data, develops a holistic open-source platformand industry-grade benchmarks for benchmarking big linked data

 - IdeaGarden - An Interactive Learning Environment Fostering Creativity

 - RealEstate2.0 - Informed Real-Estate Services: Leveraging Web 2.0

 - 3DSYSTEK - Development of a novel system for 3D Documentation, Promotion and Exploitation of Cultural Heritage Monuments via 3D data acquisition, 3D modeling and metadata recording

 - Exploring the Byzantine world and Culture - The project involved the development of an infrastructure for e-services for the exploitation of Byzantine culture, as well as the creation of the appropriate content for different types of e-services.

 - 3D-COFORM - Tools and Expertise for 3D Collection Formation

 - GNM-DMS-Version 2.0  - Documentation Management System (GNM-DMS-Version 2.0)

 - GNM Image Documentation and Administration System

 - Patakis Lexicon, a dictionary publishing system

 - Bilingual multimedia tutorial for ISO 21127

 - MUSEUM OF CRETAN ETHNOLOGY - Digital Documentation and Promotion of the Cretan Traditional Culture

 - ANNA KOMNENE  - Creation and promotion of multilingual electronic editions and of an information portal on Monuments of Byzantine Era

 - DIAVATIS - Interactive System for Improving the Promotion of Touristic & Historical Aspects

 - CRISATEL - Conservation Restoration Innovation Systems for image capture and digital Archiving to enhance Training, Education and longlife Learning

 - SCHOLNET -  A Digital Library Testbed to Support Networked Scholarly Communities

 - AQUARELLE - Sharing Cultural Heritage through Multimedia Telematics

 - ITHACA-IT - Integrated toolkit for highly advanced Computer Applications - Innovation transfer

 - ITHACA - Intergrated toolkit for highly advanced Computer Applications



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