The future of healthcare demands information technology to enable personalized care, driven by knowledge-based content. Τhe know-how and rich experience of the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Development, along with the very good knowledge of the Health Services and it’s excellent collaboration with the Primary Care Units and the Hospitals of the island of Crete contributed significantly to design specialized information network systems.

Integrated Care Solutions has developed a solution for every patient-centric healthcare system, in order to proactively manage clinical and administrative processes and activities. ICS facilitates increased efficiency, productivity and quality of care.

Each software module can be installed at one or more departments of a health system in collaboration with one or more other software modules and be fully operational. All applications can exchange information, so that all records are stored uniformly and reviewed by all users with permission rights. At the same time these applications can exchange information with disparate systems that support international standards.

Many of these applications fully operate since 1998, while from midst 2007 all the applications will be fully operating at about 20 Hospitals, 50 Primary Care Units and Regional Units in the whole country.

These application have been evolved for the Greek Regional Health System and they are adjusted to the needs of it’s system and processes nationally used or specifically for each healthcare organization. Moreover they can be adapted and changed according to the specifications and processes of another healthcare unit.

Below is a list with the products of CeHA:

  • ICS – A (Administrative)
    Integrated Care Solutions – Patient Administration or Patient Management consisting of:
  • ICS – C (Citizen)
    Integrated Care Solutions - Citizen consisting of:
    • My Diabetes Advisor for Physicians (MDA-D)
    • My Diabetes Advisor for Patients (MDA-P)
    • Appointment Booking System for the Citizen (C-ABS)
    • Personal Health Record for the Citizen (PHR-C)
    • Personal Health Record Viewer for Healthcare Providers (PHR-HP)
    • Home Care Application for Healthcare Provider (HC-HP)
    • Home Care Application for the Citizen (HC-C)
    • Personal Medical Information Recommender (PMIR)
  • ICS – E (Emergency Care)
    Integrated Care Solutions – Pre-Hospital Emergency Care consisting of:
    • Health Emergency Coordination Center Management (PHE-M)
    • Telephone Operator Application (PHE-TO)
    • Radio Dispatcher Application (PHE-RD)
    • Incident Monitoring (Coordination Center part) (PHE-IM)
    • Incident Monitoring (Ambulance part) (PHE-AA)
    • Automated External Defibrillator Network Management (PHE-ED)
    • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Protocol Management (PHE-PM) or Triage Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Protocols (PHE-CP)
  • ICS – H (Health Information Infrastructure)
    Integrated Care Solutions – Health Information Infrastructure (ΗΙΙ) consisting of:
    • Person Identification Service (PIDS)
    • Clinical Observations Access Services (COAS)
    • Integrated Electronic Health Record Indexing Service (I-EHR IS)
    • Common Terminology Services (CTS)
    • XML Acceptor (XML-A)
    • XML Creator (XML-C)
    • HL7 Gate (HL7G)
    • Health Resource Service (HRS)
    • Barcode Printer Service (BPS)
    • Referral Retrieval Service (RRS)
    • Stock Retrieval Service (SRS)
    • Collaboration Service (CS)
    • Message Broker (MB)
    • Primary Care EHR Access Services (PC-EHR-AS)
    • IHE XDS Service (XDSS)
    • Eligibility Query Request Service (EQRS)
    • PHR Access Services (PHR-AS includes access to Demographics, Problems, Medications, Allergies, Lab Exams, Vital Signs, Procedures, and Documents)
    • Decision Support Service (DSS)
    • DICOM Interface Objects (IO-DICOM)
    • HL7 Interface Objects (IO-HL7)
    • Security Interface Objects (IO-S)
    • Helper Interface Objects (IO-H)
    • PIDS Interface Objects (IO-PIDS)
    • HRS Interface Objects (IO-HRS)
    • ECG Interface Objects (IO-ECG)
  • ICS – I (Integrated Electronic Health Record)
    Integrated Care Solutions – Integrated Electronic Health Record (I-EHR) consisting of:
    • Master Patient Record Management (MPR)
    • I-EHR Viewer
    • Integrated Booking System (IBS)
  • ICS – M (Medical)
    Integrated Care Solutions – Nursing and Medical Applications consisting of:
    • Ward Management (WM)
    • Supply Management (SM)
    • Outpatient Clinic (OC)
    • Emergency Department (ED)
    • Radiology Information System (RIS)
    • Surgery Management – Operating Rooms Management(OR)
    • Computerized Medical Record (CMR)
    • Electronic Health Record for medical specialties: Pathology, Cardiology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Intensive Care Unit etc (EHR)
    • Hospital IT Department (M-ITD)
    • Collaboration Platform for Pathology (COPPA)
    • Electronic Prescription (EP)
    • Electronic Medical Record for Bipolar Disorder (EMR-BD)
    • Electronic Medical Record for Epilepsy (EMR-EPL)
    • Electronic Medical Record for Cardiology (EMR-CARD)
    • Electronic Medical Record for Pediatrics (EMR-PED)
    • Electronic Medical Record for Orthopedics (EMR-ORTH)
    • Electronic Medical Record for Intensive Care Unit (EMR-ICU)
    • Electronic Medical Record for Internal Medicine (EMR-IM)
    • Arthroplasty Surgery Management System (EMR-ASM)
    • Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)
  • ICS – P (Primary Care)
    Integrated Care Solutions – Primary Health Care consisting of:
    • Primary Care Unit Reception (PC-UR)
    • Primary Care Unit Electronic Health Record (PC-HR)
    • Private Practitioner Electronic Health Record (PC-PP)
    • Primary Care Unit Appointment Management (PC-AM)
    • Primary Care Unit Supply Management (PC-SM)
    • Primary Care Unit IT Department (PC-IT)
    • Electronic Prescription (PC-EP)
    • Electronic Medical Record for General Medicine (PC-GM)
  • ICS – W (Welfare)
    Integrated Care Solutions – Welfare consisting of:
    • WelfareUnit Admissions Office (WF-AO)
    • Welfare Unit Reception (WF-UR)
    • Welfare Unit Electronic Health Record (WF -HR)
    • Welfare Unit Appointment Management (WF-AM)
    • Welfare Unit Supply Management (WF-SM)
    • Welfare Unit IT Department (WF-IT)
  • ICS – Χ (PACS)
    Integrated Care Solutions – Picture Archiving and Communication consisting of:
    • Picture Archiving and Communication Service (miniPACS-S)
    • miniPACS Management Application (miniPACS-M)
    • DoctorEye (DrEye)
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